Plan a China Tour

Why travel to China?TOP

China is an ancient civilized country with a history of five thousand years, and boasts numerous unique tourist resources like the magnificent mountains and rivers and lakes, the colorful folk customs, the fantastic animals and plants, the countless scenic spots and historic sites, the distinctive operas and music and dancing, the world famous foods, etc., which attract a large number of tourists at home and abroad every year. At present, China has become one of the hottest travel destinations in the world. So traveling to China will be your best choice.

How to plan a trip to China?TOP

Nowadays, China becomes well-known among more and more people all over the world for its splendid culture, long history and fascinating scenic spots. So if you want to travel to China, making a plan for your trip is absolute essential. First, before travel, you need to make the following preparations: to apply for a visa to travel to China; to convert some Renminbi notes viz. CNY or RMB for the sake of paying conveniently when the credit cards aren’t accepted; to reserve a tour package in your county via online travel agency; to design your own traveling route, book hotel and reserve the domestic air tickets in China in advance if you don’t want to depend on travel agency; to carry about a medical kit to prevent the small illnesses. Second, you should plan the traveling time well. The best time for you to travel to China is from May to November, during which you also need to avoid the national holidays such as May Day and National Day because at that time, the Chinese people will begin their travels as well and all transportations (plane, train and ship), restaurants, hotels and scenic spots will become crowded. Third, you should fix a theme and confirm what you want to see in China, such as cultures, historical sites, folk customs or stunning natural sceneries.

Where should you start if you want to travel China?TOP

If you are the first-time visitors to China, firstly, you should ask yourself what you want to see in China because it has so many fascinating sights and customs. When you trend to having a glimpse of modern China, you can start your trip from the city, Shanghai or Shenzhen, either of which is one of the most modern cities in China; when you want to see a historical China, Beijing, Nanjing and Xi’an, will be recommended because the existing historic sites in those cities represent the long history and rich culture of China; when you would like to admire a scenic China, you should start from Three Gorges, Jiuzhaigou or Emei Mountain, which are the most popular attractions among the Chinese people.

What are the must see sights in China?TOP

The must see sights in China can be classified into two kinds. One is about the historical sites including the Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Terra-cotta Warriors, Silk Road, Potala Palace, Mogao Grottos and the Suzhou Gardens; the other one is about the natural sights including Yangtze River, Yellow River, West Lake, Jiuzhaigou, Yellow Mountain, etc.

Is it better for us to travel independently or go with an organized tour in China?TOP

To travel independently or go with an organized tour in China all depends on you. If you are an adventurous person and can plan your trip very well, you can travel independently because there are numerous travelers who don’t know Chinese visiting many places in China independently every year. If you have no enough time to search for travel information or don’t know how to plan the trip, then going with an organized tour is really a good way.

How to select a China Tour?TOP

When you select a China Tour, you have to think about many factors, such as personal interests, time, budget, physical conditions and tour destinations. Personal interests mean what you want to see, Chinese history, culture or scenery; time means how long you will travel to China and what time is suitable for you and what weather you prefer to; budget means how much money you plan to spend and where you want to spend it on. For example, accommodations, diets, and cultural experiences need to be considered.

What is the best itinerary to see China?TOP

The best itinerary to see China can be diverse according to the different demands of the travelers. If one person likes mysteries, exploring Tibet viz. Tibet Tour is the best itinerary. If people are interested in the Chinese culture and history, visiting Beijing and Xi’an is the best choice. If you want to have a glimpse of the splendid landscapes, Yangtze River Cruise and Three Gorges can not be missed. Besides, Silk Road Tour also deserves to be recommended.

How much to travel to China?TOP

The cost of traveling to China is very different according to the differences of destinations, accommodations, diets, duration and attractions. But in general, compared with visiting other places in western countries, traveling to China is much cheaper due to the low prices from meals to forms of transportation.

Is it alright to travel during Chinas national holidays?TOP

China’s national holidays mainly include May Day Holiday, National Day, New Year’s Day and Spring Festival, during which the hotel rooms, public transportations and flights will be in high demand, and sometimes, difficult to book because most Chinese people are in the habit of traveling domestically and internationally at those times. So if you want to enjoy your travel in China comfortably, you should avoid those holidays.

How to find a China Travel Company (Travel Agency)?TOP

If you want to find a China Travel Company or Agency, first, you should make sure that the Travel Company or Agency can offers you many options, like various cruises, destinations and accommodations, to meet your traveling needs. Then, you should make sure that the Travel Company or Agency can give a quick response to the unplanned problematic situations, for example, when you plan to take a cruise, you should inquire of the Travel Company or Agency how to deal with when the bad weather conditions spoil the whole cruise. The good Travel Company or Agency can offer you many good solutions to choose. Third, you should look for the Travel Company or Agency that offers discounts.

Do I have to tip in China? How much to tip?TOP

Nowadays, in order to render the good services of tour guides, drivers, waiters and bellboys, tipping has become a common practice in the metropolises in China, like Hong Kong and Marco, compared to the past disapproval, but not a must. For Chinese people, tipping is a personal matter, so you don’t worry about that. If you really appreciate the excellent services from them, you can tip the bellboys or waiters from $ 1 to $ 5, and guide or driver from $1 to 10 $ one day for one person.

Where can I find good cheap cruises in China?TOP

If you plan to take cruises, Yangtze River Cruises have to be recommended. Along Yangtze River, there are numerous fleets with star rating (five-star or four-star). All of them are linked with travel companies or agencies. So first you should select one travel company or agency, which always launches discounted cruises, from which you can choose a good cheap one.

Where is the Shaolin Temple in China and is it worth visiting?TOP

Shaolin Temple is located at the foot of Song Shan Mountain Range, fifteen minutes from Dengfeng City, two hours from Zhengzhou, which is the capital of Henan Province.

Shaolin Temple is worth visiting for those who come for whatever reasons. Here you can see the Kung Fu Performance Hall where you can’t miss the performance, Shaolin Temple where there are two highlights ---- Hall of Thousand-Buddha and Bodhidharma Shadow Stone, and Pagoda Forest where 250 stone and brick pagodas or so experiencing several dynasties situated.

How to complain if we encounter some problems when traveling China?TOP

If you encounter some problems when traveling China, first, what you should do is to discuss and consult with your service provider who will endeavor to carry out the arrangements made for you. In many cases, the complaints can be solved under the consultation of the two parties.

How can I keep away from pickpockets?TOP

China is famous for being safe in the world, but you might still be troubled by the pickpockets during traveling in China. Generally, the pickpockets are children whom people always neglect, so you should pay more attentions to your pockets and the children following you when walking in the crowd. Moreover, you’d better not expose your affluence in public because if you do that, you will be the target of pickpockets. The following words are some advices for you to keep off pickpockets. First, you should be alert to the strangers who try to approach you; then, you should beware of the valuables and hold your bags or pockets tightly among the crowd. As soon as some unusual jostles happen, you should check your pockets or bags at once; third, when taking buses or trains, you should look after your luggage well, and do not entrust it to the people you don’t know, and bring the valuables with you at any time; fourth, you should beware of the tricks of the pickpockets, for example, don’t pick up the money on the road.

Who can tell me something about tour guides?TOP

Normally, tour guides from legal travel agencies are qualified and hold the certificates issued by National Tourism Administration of P.R.C. They are easygoing and friendly, skilled in English and with abundant traveling knowledge. Moreover, the tour guides are able to organize your trips, handle many unexpected incidents, and keep you away from unnecessary troubles.

How do I get from the airport to the hotel when I arrive in China?TOP

After you attend to entry formalities and go through the passport control, health inspection control, baggage claim and customs, you can follow the crowd into the arrival concourse, and then you will find the local guide waiting for you by holding a sign with our logo on it. After verifying your identity, you can go with him or her to get on the car, which drives directly to the hotel reserved in advance. The tour guide will help you check in the hotel.

What are the differences between Budget, Standard and Luxury tours?TOP

Budget tour means staying at the 3-star hotel in each city; standard tour means staying at the 4-star hotel in each city; luxury tour means staying at the 5-star hotel in each city.

Is bike riding a good way of exploring city life in China?TOP

Bicycle is an economic and environment-friendly conveyance. It will take the tourists easily to some places that other transportations can’t get to. People can see the street scenes, visit the former residences of celebrities and call at the citizens’ homes via bicycles. Generally, the hotels and travel agencies usually offer bike hire services for the tourists. When you rent a bike, a certain certificate like passport should be showed. The rent is calculated by the day. Besides, you have to leave a deposit for the bike. It is worth noting that you should ask for a receipt from the renter when paying the deposit. If the bike is not broken when being returned, you can have back the deposit by means of the receipt.

The following tips are about riding a bike in China: first, keeping to the right in the streets; second, stopping before the red light at the crossings; third, making a gesture to let the other people know you will turn; fourth, as soon as having an accident, you should go to the police at once; forbidding carrying a person in the back seat or making hand-free riding; avoiding taking a bike tour during the peak hour from 7:00 to 8:00 in the morning and from 16:00 to 18:00 in the afternoon.

Is it possible to have English speaking tour guides?TOP

Yes, it is. Actually, all the tour guides in China are issued licenses after passing an exam. Those tour guides are mostly from university and specialized in English. Before serving as tour guides, they will accept a good training about how to explain the scenic spots and sights in China and deal with the foreign tourists. So communication between the tour guides and foreign tourists has no problem.

Is it possible to get other foreign language speaking guides?TOP

Of course, it is possible. Apart from the English speaking tour guides, other foreign language speaking guides, like German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, etc. are also available. If you need foreign language services, please tell us in advance, and then we can have enough time to make arrangement for you.

How close can we get to the Pandas in China?TOP

If you want to have a close touch with pandas, you should tell us, and we can make arrangement in advance. You can take photos with pandas, and go into panda enclosure to play with them. But, before doing this, you have to pay extra money.

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