Do I need passport to travel to China? TOP

Yes, a passport is required for most international travelers. Each visitor to mainland China needs a passport which is valid for no less than six months before entering from China.

What is my passports function while I travel to China?TOP

As we all known, a passport is required for every international traveler in China. Firstly traveler should present a passport valid at least for six months to apply for a Chinese visa in advance of 2 or 3 months entry China. Then he should show his passport when check-in at each airport or hotel. And the name on his ticket should be exactly as it shows on his passport.

Is it allowed to travel China with a soon-to-expire passport?TOP

The passport is the effective proof during the valid period, otherwise it is an illegal and without any status. If you intend to travel China, and then you need a passport of validity no less than six months for visa issue. However, if your passport is soon-to-expire, you wouldn’t obtain a visa to China. So it is impossible to travel China with a soon-to-expire passport.

What should I do if I lose my passport in China?TOP

We suggest you make copies of your visa, passport, and airline tickets when traveling in China. If you do lose your passport, please call your guide to help you solve the problem and report to local police immediately. The local police will then issue you a proof of lost passport. Carrying the proof, then you should go to the nearest embassy or consulate of your own country to apply for a new passport. In general, the replacement of passport may take weeks to process. After obtained the new passport, you can get a new visa in local police bureau. Thereafter you can take your trip again.

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