Laos Visa

Do I need to get a Laos visa before visiting Laos?TOP

Most foreigners need to get a Laos Visa before visiting Laos except citizens of 33 countries, including Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, North Korea, Peru, Poland, Republic of Cuba, Republic of Korea, Royal of Thailand, Russia Federal, Singapore, Slovakia, Swiss, Tajikistan, The Philippines, Timor-Leste, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Yugoslavia who will stay in Laos within certain days(vary from 14 to 90 days depending on the nationality). You can contact relevant Lao Embassy or Lao Consulate-General for more details.

Lao Embassy in USA:
Address: 2222 S Street, NW, Washington, D.C., 20008
Tel: +1 (202) 332-6416, +1 (202) 667-0076 (Consul)

Lao Embassy in Australia:
Address: 1 Dalman Cres. O'Malley ACT 2606
Tel: 02-6286 4595

Where can I apply for a Laos visa?TOP

You can apply for a Laos Visa at a Laos Embassy or a Laos Consulate-General.

Should I get my Laos visa ahead of time or apply for it in Laos? TOP

Information about Laos visa upon arrival is available on some nongovernmental visa application websites. However, until now, no official information about this policy is available. We suggest foreign visitors apply for a Laos Visa from a Lao Embassy or a Lao Consulate-General in advance to ensure the entry of the country.

When will a Laos Visa take effect? When will it expire?TOP

A Laos visa takes effect from the date printed after “Valid From” on the Visa page and expires on the date printed after “Until”.

How long is the validity period of a Laos tourist visa?TOP

The validity periods of a Laos Tourist Visa vary from 30 days to 90 days. Laos Tourist Visa holders are permitted to stay in Laos for a maximum of 30 days after each entry.

If I plan to visit several Indochina countries, which country’s visa should I apply for?TOP

Normally you need to obtain visas of all the countries you would like to visit except the ones that you could enjoy visa exemption policy. Please check the visa policies of these Indochina countries carefully and apply for E-Visa online or the traditional visas from embassies/consulate-generals in advance. For countries available for visa upon arrival, you could apply for the visa at the entering port.

When do I need visa extension and how long in advance do I need to apply for it?TOP

If you would like to stay longer in Laos than the expiry date given on your visa, you will need to apply for the Lao visa extension at the Immigration office in Vientiane. It is recommended that applicants apply for the visa extension at least 3 days before the expiry date of the visa.

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