Do I need travel insurance when traveling to China? TOP

Yes, it is sincerely suggested to purchase travel insurance before vacationing in China. Some might think that the personal insurance has everything covered and thus no need for the travel insurance. However, one might come across unexpected troubles, such as injury, illness etc, during the trip in China, and a tiny investment in the travel insurance will be of great help in these cases. Most of the travel insurance policies cover trip cost cancellation and interruption, emergency medical transport and medical expenses etc. Please do carefully read the policy, noting any deductibles, exceptions and exemptions for pre-existing conditions, diseases or areas of the world.

What kind of insurance do you offer if I book a tour with you? TOP

If you book a package tour with us, we are providing you the Travel Agencies' Liability Insurance, regulated by Nations Tourism Administration of China (CNTA). Under this statute, the clients will receive compensation in cases of property loss, injury, or damage occurred during the guided tour. However, this insurance does not cover any expenses related to accidents uncontrollable to the travel agency.

We strongly recommend you to buy one by yourself in your country.

What is the Travel Agencies Liability Insurance and its coverage? TOP

According to the Travel Agencies' Liability Insurance Law, issued by National Tourism Administration of China (CNTA) in 2011, each Chinese travel agency must offer their clients the Travel Agencies' Liability Insurance to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of both the travel agency and the clients.

The insurance covers the following accidents, if caused by the travel agency:

1) Compensation for the Tourists' casualty (injury or death)

2) Related expenses for medical treatment and transportation fee

3) Necessary aid to injured, sometimes the family's visitation and minor parties' repatriation fee, payment for doctor, postponing the tourists travel itineraries.

4) Disposal expense of decedent's body

5) Loss, damage, and theft of tourist's belongs

6) Legal fee incurred disputing due to the travel agency's liability

7) Other compensation agreed upon between the insurance company and travel agency.

Is it enough for a traveler to buy only Travel Agencies Liability Insurance? TOP

Travel Agencies' Liability Insurance covers only the accidents occurring during activities arranged by travel agencies. So we suggest you to buy personal insurance sufficient to cover medical needs and trip curtailment beyond the coverage of the Agency Policy before joining a tour to insure against any unforeseeable circumstance.

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