How to Pack for China

What should I pack when traveling to China?TOP

We strongly recommend you pack lightly while travelling to China. As there is so much shopping to do, so you really don’t need bring too much with you. However, the casual clothes and comfortable walking shoes are needed to pack absolutely. In addition, we suggest you also bring along a first aid kit with the common used medicines. As the saying goes, have not thy cloak to make when it begins to rain. So you’d better put by something for a rainy day although hopefully you won’t need it.

China packing essential
• Valid passport, visas, air tickets, related health certificates, and other needed travelling documents
• Travel itinerary and contact names issued by your travel service
• Credit card, travelers check, and certain amount money
• Copies or your important materials
• Map, guide and phrase books related your tour itinerary
• A notebook and a pen you may need any time
• A power convert and adapter plugs
• A first-aid kit with some medicine for common use, such as Aspirin, vitamins, anti-inflammatory and so on.

What are the appropriate clothes for travel in China?TOP

China is a vast country with various climates and four distinct seasons. Thus traveler may need to pack different clothes at different seasons. We suggest you check the climate of your destination firstly and then choose the appropriate clothes. In general, you should take the easily dry clothes and prepare the umbrella for a rainy day.

Clothing Suggestions

Different Regions in China
Suggested Clothing
North, Northeast, Northwest and Southwest
Medium weight clothing, light coat, hat, Western Suits, long sleeve shirts and travel shoes
South, Yungui, Sichuan
And Southeast
Light weight clothing, sweater, light coat, rainwear
Northeast, Northwest and Southwest
Summer clothing, short sleeve shirts, skirts, sandals, light coat or sweater in evenings
North, South, Yungui, Sichuan, and Southeast
Light, loose tropical clothing, short sleeve shirts, skirts, caps, sunglasses, rainwear
North, Northeast, Northwest and Southwest
Medium weight clothing, light coat, hat, Western Suits, long sleeve shirts and travel shoes
South, Yungui, Sichuan and Southeast
Light weight clothing, sweater, light coat, rainwear
North, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest
Heavy, warm clothing, overcoat, thick woolen sweater, hat, gloves, boots
South, Yungui, and Sichuan
Medium weight, warm clothing, light coat, rainwear in Sichuan
Lightweight, warm clothing, sweater

Can I bring my pets to china?TOP

It’s not allowed to travel China with your pet and pets are barred from entering tourist spots, shops, hotels, restaurants and etc in China. However, if you will stay in China for a long period, for example an extended business trip or moving to China, and then you can bring your pet to China. As the pet owner, you should pack the animal health certificate and vaccination certificate, and declare your animal to the customs officials when arrive China. Then there will be a mandatory quarantine period of 30 days. During the period, your pet will be kept in a quarantine station and you are not allowed to see the pet. Lastly you should also pay a small nominal fee for the quarantine.

Will I be allowed to bring prescription medicine when traveling China?TOP

Generally speaking, travelers can take prescription drugs, especially common ones when traveling China. So they could carry these drugs in their carry-on luggage.

Can I bring an a laptop when traveling China?TOP

Yes, it’s fine for you to bring a laptop when travelling China. If you bring your laptop or computer to China, we suggest you take your original software to China (Windows, Office...) because that you may need to install Windows again due to the virus problems. And it’s better to make copies of your date on a portal hard-disc.

What foods can I bring into China?TOP

You can take food while traveling China. However, foods those are bad for the health of humans and livestock, from epidemic zone ones which could spread diseases are not allowed to bring into China.

Should I bring a converter to China?TOP

Yes, we strongly recommend you bring a converter to China. As throughout China, the AC power standard is 220V/50Hz. So you may use the converter for 110-volt electrical appliance. Usually the four and five star hotels provide adapters, but we still suggest you bring a converter for rainy day.

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