Hotels in China

What are hotels like in China?TOP

In China, there are quite a lot of hotels, many of which are above three-star rating. Those hotels with star rating have to be evaluated by National Tourism Administration of People’s Republic of China according to a strict standard. Normally, the hotels above three-star rating offer the following services and facilities:
First, equipping a color TV, refrigerator, telephone, and central control air-condition and a double curtain in one room.
Second, equipping a bathroom supplying hot water 24 hours a day, shampoo and bath lotion, soups, tooth brushes and pastes, sterile towels and glasses, and toilet paper in one room.
Third, offering one to two beds, bedlamps, pedant lamps, and a dressing table and wardrobe in one room.
Fourth, supplying an electric water heater to let you boil drinking water in one room.
Fifth, offering 24 hour room service.
Sixth, providing the services of foreign currency exchange and post card delivery as well as concierge service.
Seventh, equipping Chinese and western restaurants, bars, cafés, banquet halls, multi-function halls, meeting room, business center, dance hall, massage room and beauty parlor.

How long should I make the reservation in advance?TOP

You can make a hotel reservation several months in advance or just several hours before your planned check-in time, but we strongly recommend you to reserve the hotel as soon as possible to guarantee your reservation, especially during the peak periods, such as May Day Holiday, National Day Holiday, New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, etc. Although we accept late reservation, the premise is that the rooms are not fully booked up.

Can the hotel staff understand English?TOP

For the staff in five-star hotels, the receptionists are able to speak English well, and others can also speak some. For the staff in three-star or four-star hotels, most of them understand English and some can speak well. When you really need help, you can go to the reception desk to inquire of the receptionists. They will be happy to help you.

Is the tap water drinkable in hotels?TOP

Generally, the tap water in hotels is not drinkable. But the hotels will offer free thermos filled with boiled water or electric water boiler. Besides, you can also purchase bottled water, which costs $0.25-$0.75 per bottle. Sometimes, certain hotels may provide one or two bottles of water in each room.

Do the hotels have non-smoking rooms?TOP

Yes. The hotels with star ratings offer non-smoking rooms. If you want one, please let your selected travel agency know in advance in order to make arrangement for you.

Can I rent a wheelchair at the hotel?TOP

Yes, you can. The hotels will offer wheelchairs to their guests for free, but not many. They are assigned to the first arrival guests.

Is Internet access available in hotels in China?TOP

Yes. Most 3 star or above hotels have internet accesses in their guest rooms. If not, you can get it in the business center of the hotel, but have to pay extra money for using it.

Is CNN available in the Orient?TOP

At the hotels in most cities of China, CNN and other English TV Stations like Star Television and BBC are available.

What time can I check in and check out of the hotel?TOP

Generally, the earliest check-in time of the hotel is 14:00 pm, and the latest check-out time is 12:00 am at noon. When you need to check in early, you please let us know in advance because the earliest check-in time is dependent on whether the room is vacant or not on the day when you arrive, and the late check-out time may charge extra money.

Does the hotel provide airport pick-up service?TOP

In fact, not all the hotels will provide airport pick-up services, which are subject to the hotels you book. If you want to have an airport pick-up service, you please leave a message while filling the hotel reservation form, and let us know your exact flight number and time of arrival. After we contact the hotel, we will send you an e-mail with details.

Why beds in China are not soft enough?TOP

For Chinese people, sleeping on the hard beds is healthy. So the beds at the hotels in China are not as soft as those in foreign countries. But as the internationalization of Chinese hotels, foreign guests’ preferences are also taken into account. If you aren’t quite accustomed to the hard bed at your hotel, you can go to housekeeping department to ask for more blankets in order to sleep more comfortably.

What is the Plug Type and Voltage in China?TOP

Plug type looks like  ; the voltage is 220. Some hotels with star ratings will provide adaptor and transformer to you for free.

What kind of services can business center provide?TOP

The services provided by the business center include copying, typing, faxing, reserving tickets, broadband internet access, photocopying, etc.

Does the hotel have safety box?TOP

Yes. Generally, hotels with star ratings have safety box in the reception desk. Some luxury hotels even offer safety box in their guests’ rooms. If you need it, you can inquire of the receptionist.

How are the restaurants in the Chinese hotels?TOP

At most big hotels in China, there are two restaurants, one of which offers Chinese cuisine, and the other offers western cuisine. These restaurants in hotels offer delicious foods, which are as good as those in the restaurants outside of the hotels.

Are China hotels rates per room or per person?TOP

Most hotel rates in China are per room. Only a small number of hotels rates are per person.

What are the usual sizes of the beds in China hotels?TOP

The beds in China hotels, on the whole, can be divided into three types. The single bed is 1.2 meters wide and 2 meters long; the queen-sized bed is 1.5 meters wide and 2 meters long; the double bed or king-sized bed is 1.8 meters wide and 2 meters long. Here 1 meter is equal to 3.28 feet. It is worth noting that the size of double bed differs from hotel to hotel.

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