Exit Regulations

What kind of documents should I prepare when exiting China?TOP

Foreign travelers should depart China before their visas or staying certificates expire. When exiting, they need to hold their valid passports, visas, staying certificates or other related documents at the Frontier Inspection Station, and fill in an “Exit Card” there. In addition, they should also have their baggage examined by China Customs. For travelers who need to exit from China temporarily within the validity period of their staying certificates, they have to apply for a visa for return to China at the local police station before departing China. If they do not return to China, and then their certificate for staying in China will be revoked by the frontier inspection station.

Am I allowed to take the things bought from China out?TOP

Yes, you can take the things bought from China out if that does not belong to the prohibited items. In addition, the amount you take should be reasonable.

What articles are not allowed to export from China?TOP

The following items are prohibited to export from China:

1) All those articles prohibited to import from entering China.
2) Priceless cultural relics and other museum pieces.
3) Scripts, printed matter, films, discs, photos, recording, movies, videos, laser videos, laser discs, computer memory medium and other items related with the maintaining national secrets of China.
4) Endangered and valuable animals and plants, specimens, seeds, as well as the reproduction materials.
What kind of person is not allowed to exit from China?TOP

The following persons are not allowed to exit from China:

1)    Defendants of a criminal case and suspects recognized by the Chinese Public Security organizations, the People’s Procuratorate or the People’s Court.
2)    Foreigners who cause troubles of untreated traffic accidents in China.
3)    Persons who involved in a civil case and prohibited to exit by the Chinese People’s Court.
4)    Persons who are under investigation by the legal authorities though their behavior has not been dealt with.
5)    Persons who do not hold valid exit credentials.
6)    Persons who have been refused to be checked by the Frontier Inspection Station.
7)    Persons who do not exit through the appointed exit port.
8)    Persons who are regarded to be carrying prohibited goods.

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