Credit Cards, ATMs

Will my credit card be accepted in China?TOP

Yes. Major credit cards are being broadly accepted in China nowadays, such as Visa, Master, Diner's club, AMEX and JCB card of Japan. But please note that they are mostly accepted in large shopping malls and stores, hotels, and restaurants in major cities, in those small towns and remote areas, cash is the only way of payment accepted.

Can I use my credit card on all the ATMs in China?TOP

ATMs are ubiquitously found in China nowadays, not only inside the banks, also on the streets, star hotels, shopping malls, subway stations, post offices and flocks of different locations. However, international credit cards can only function on those ATMs with the same sign on your card, such as VISA, MASTER, AMEX etc. Besides, there are varying limits on the sum of the money allowed to be withdrawn, which is normally 20,000 RMB in one day.

What should I do if my card was confiscated by the ATM?TOP

As an universal code of conduct, If you input the pin number incorrectly three times, your card would be confiscated by the ATM for safety's sake. What you need to do is to call the customer service number imprinted on the ATM for instructions, or go to the bank office with your passport or any other identification documents, or simply call the issuer of your card.

Can I apply for a Chinese RMB-denoted credit card?TOP

Yes, you can apply a RMB-denoted credit card, but only when you are a long-term job or permanent residence in China. Just like applying a credit card anywhere else in the world, passport or any other identification documents, solid proof of your employment, past financial records showing your income would be required and inspected and help determine how much credit limit you would get.

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