Climate and Clothing

What’s the weather and climate like in China? TOP

Located mainly in the northern Temperate Zone, China features a continental climate under the predominance of monsoon. The climate varies dramatically from region to region due to its vast territory and complex topography spanning over nearly 50 degrees in latitudes, for example, there are merely handful of days when the temperature exceeds 30 °C throughout the whole year in northern part of Heilongjiang Province in northeast China while Hainan Island, the utmost south end of China, features an extensive summer yet virtually no winter; the western part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is covered by snow all round the year, but the Kunming City is spring-like throughout the 365 days. However, the majority part of China enjoy a distinct and clear four seasons. In winter, the monsoon gust arrives from Siberia and the Mongolia Plateau into the northern area, making most part of the country cold and dry, while in summer, monsoon from the ocean on the south bring warm and abundant rainfall, and hurricane sometimes.

Different Climates in Different Areas

In north China, such as Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, summer is dry and sunny while winter is extremely cold with the temperature dropping well below zero. In central China, such as Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, Nanjing etc, summer is long-lasting, hot and humid while winter is short and cold. In the far south of China, such as Guangzhou, Hong Kong etc, from April to September, the climate is hot and humid when the temperature could rise to as high as 38 °C. That is also the rain season during which the typhoons frequently linger around the southeast coastal line, especially between July and September. The winter is comparatively short in Guangzhou and the temperature hovers between 10°C to 20°C most of the time.

Before flying over to China, it is sincerely recommended to check out the weather and climate of the destinations first. The list below is offering a general insight into the weather and climate of major tourism hot spots in China as well as the best time for visiting.

Which season is the best for traveling in China? TOP

In general, the best season to travel China is late spring and early fall around May, June, September, and October when the climate is mild and delightful. However, it's better to avoid the period around May 1st and Oct 1st, when the majority of the nation enjoy the week-long holidays and flood literally every tourism hot spots.

What kind of clothing do I need to bring along? TOP

As probably well-known, that China is an extensive land with varying climates, so travelers should prepare different clothing for different regions even for a journey of merely few days. The table below should be able to provide some hints on preparations for trip to China.

Different Regions in China
Suggested Clothing
North, Northeast, Northwest and Southwest
Medium weight clothing, light coat, hat, Western Suits, long sleeve shirts and travel shoes
South, Yungui, Sichuan
and Southeast
Light weight clothing, sweater, light coat, rainwear
Northeast, Northwest and
Summer clothing, short sleeve shirts, skirts, sandals, light coats or sweater in evenings
North, South, Yungui, Sichuan, and Southeast
Light, loose tropical clothing, short sleeve shirts, skirts, caps, sunglasses, rainwear
North, Northeast, Northwest and Southwest
Medium weight clothing, lights coat, hat, Western Suits, long sleeve shirts and travel shoes
South, Yungui, Sichuan
And Southeast
Light weight clothing, sweater, light coat, rainwear
North, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest
Heavy, warm clothing, overcoat, thick woolen sweater, hat, gloves, boots
South, Yungui, and Sichuan
Medium weight, warm clothing, light coat, rainwear in Sichuan
Lightweight, warm clothing, sweater

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