Air Travel in China

Is electronic ticket used in China?TOP

Yes. From 2007, electronic ticket began to be used widely in China. You only need to show your valid certificate when checking in at the airport because your booking information has been recorded in the China airlines’ system. When you are identified by the airline, you can get the boarding pass and baggage tags.

What are the baggage regulations for flights within China?TOP

According to the regulations of Civil Aviation Administration of China, the passengers can’t carry about liquid articles, lighters, matches, and the similar things on board. In economy class and business class, only one article is allowed for one passenger; in first-class cabin, only two articles are allowed for one passenger. Each article can’t exceed 5 kg in weight. If there are more articles, they should be checked after being agreed by the carrier, and similarly, each article can’t exceed 5kg. Besides, the charge for the overweight baggage should be undertaken by the passenger and will be calculated according to 1.5% of economy fare per kilogram.

What are the best airlines to travel to China?TOP

In fact, Air China, China Eastern, China Southern and Cathay Pacific are all good. Air China is the flag carrier in mainland China. China Southern, by means of its safety practices, is recognized by IATA with IOSA viz. IATA Operational Safety Audit. China Eastern was once given a rating with three-star from Skytrax. Cathay Pacific is the best, headquartering in Hong Kong and given a rating with five-star from Skytrax.

When should I arrive at the airport to that I will have enough time for boarding?TOP

Normally, according to the regulations, it is better to arrive at the airport two hours in advance, and then you have enough time to take your boarding pass and check the luggage.

What can I carry on a domestic flight in China?TOP

Those articles that can’t be carried about but can be checked are kitchen knives, shears, big fruit knives, razors, scalpels, butcher steels, gravers, swords, spears, axes, chisels, hammers, awls, etc. Those articles that can be carried out but be limited in weight include hair spray or collar cleaner (at most 100 ml.), mousse (at most 100 ml.), perfume (at most 100 ml.), pesticide (at most 100 ml.), air freshener (at most 100 ml.), etc. Besides, the liquid medicines and infant food that exceed 100 ml should accept the X-ray examination.

Can I carry soft drinks with me on board planes?TOP

Yes. You can carry soft drinks with you on board but have to comply with the relevant regulations, which are listed as follows:

One passenger can carry only two bottles of mineral water, carbonated beverage, milk, tea, fruit juice or yogurt, each of which can’t exceed 500 ml in volume.

Before taking those bottles of drinks into the aircraft, they should be opened and confirmed without doubt after inspection.

Any other liquid articles not listed above have to be checked in the airport and are prohibited to bring on the person, such as alcohol.

Can I request one window seat or aisle seat while booking the flight tickets?TOP

No, you can’t request one window seat or aisle seat while booking the flight tickets. But you can ask for one when getting your boarding pass at the counter.

What should I do if my flight is cancelled or delayed? Who can I call for help?TOP

If your flight is cancelled or delayed, we will inform you via phone or e-mail as soon as possible to let you rearrange your traveling itinerary. So, your phone should be able to be connected anytime or you should check your e-mail frequently.

Can pregnant women fly on airplanes? TOP

Yes. But it is fit for those pregnant women whose weeks of pregnancy are between 13 and 28, in good shape and without bodings of miscarriage. If your weeks of pregnancy are under 13 weeks or above 28 weeks, flying on airplanes is dangerous and may lead to miscarriage, so the airlines don’t allow the pregnant women during those two periods to take planes.

Is there any rule for booking a ticket for children and infants?TOP

First, the babies under 14 days can’t be on board. Second, if one passenger wants two infant tickets, in fact, he or she has to get one infant ticket and one children ticket because two infant tickets can’t be bought by one passenger. The detailed information on the ticket fare for children and infants refers to question 14.

Are seriously ill but not contagious patients allowed to fly?TOP

Yes. But when the patient buys the ticket, he should show the written permission issued by the doctor to get the approval of the airline.

Do I still need to pay Airport Tax now in China?TOP

Yes, you do. The airport tax is CNY 50 per person (about $6) for those who fly within China, and is CNY 90 per person for those who take international flights, which include the flying from mainland China to Marco or Hong Kong. You should pay this fee when buying the flight ticket.

What is the closing time for check-in on China domestic or international flights?TOP

The closing time for check-in on China domestic flights is 45 minutes before the flight departure, so you should begin to check in at least 90 minutes before your flight departure; the closing time for check-in on China international flights is 1 hour before the flight departure, so you should begin to check in at least 2 hours before your flight departure.

What are child and infant ticket fare?TOP

For the children who are 2-12 years old, the domestic ticket fare will be 50% of adult fare and the international ticket fare will be 75% of the adult fare; for the infants, who are 0-2 years old, the domestic ticket fare will be 10% of adult fare and the international ticket fare will be 10% of the adult fare.

Which types of identification documents shall be presented during check-in?TOP

For foreigners, the adult only need to show your valid passport and the children or infants need to show the valid certifications with their birth date when checking in.

What is the age limit for the unaccompanied children service?TOP

If a child takes plane alone, the airline will offer unaccompanied children service, which is for the children who are above 5 years old and under 12 year olds. If your child needs this service, you should request it from the airline in advance. If not, the airline may not be responsible for taking care of your child. If desired, the passengers who are above 12 years old and under 18 years old can also get the unaccompanied children service.

Can I book flights to international destinations from Mainland China?TOP

Yes. You can book flights to international destinations and some Asia countries from Mainland China.

Can I book flights to Mainland China destinations from abroad?TOP

Yes. You can book flight tickets to Mainland China destinations in the foreign cities.

Can I take my pet flying with me?TOP

Yes. You can take your pet flying with you, but have to apply to the airline for that when booking or buying ticket, and offer the Veterinary Inspection Certificate issued by health quarantine department above county level. After being agreed by the carrier, you can check the pet at freight department of the airport 3 hours in advance. Your pet should be put in the iron container and make sure that the excreta of your pet will not dirty the cargo compartment. When your pet with its container and food is overweight, it will be charged as excess baggage.

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