from Mr. Richard Ramey

United States
May 5, 2015

Overall the trip arrangements by ChinaTours were excellent. It was always a welcome sight to see our tour guide waiting for us upon arrival at train stations and airports no matter the time of day. Every aspect of the tour was exactly as described, there were no problems from anything under the control of ChinaTours.

I think it is important for ChinaTours to spend a little more time describing the different levels of service available on the different segments of the tour. While the class of hotels is described and choices offered things like seating on the Li River boat tour are not described. For it seating on the upper level was much better than the lower level but I do not remember being offered a choice. Same thing on the cabin choice for the Yangtze River cruise, I do not remember having a choice of class.

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from Mrs. Liz Aguilar , Mexico
from Mr. Habibullah, Ireland