from Rick Granados

United States
Apr 3, 2015
Itinerary: China Impression

Planning and Booking
I started planning my trip less than a month prior to my planned travel to China. Anna Zhang, my travel consultant, was not only able to book my itineraries for Beijing, Xi"an, and Hong Kong but she also made them fit my interests and dates of travel. She was personable, cooperative and flexible. In other words, she was AMAZING! The entire experience was incredible. My only complaint was that the accommodations in Hong Kong were less than desirable. The hotel was not four star and the charges I incurred at the hotel were outrageous. For example, I incurred a $77 USD charge for a buffet dinner which had unappetizing food with no labels so I didn"t know what food was being served. I ended up eating four crab legs for the charge. I do want to point out that Anna upgraded my hotel room to make the experience better. The rest of my experience at the hotel was beyond her control.

Every time I think of Beijing, I think of Amy. She was my tour guide - a wonderful person and guide. She represented China in the best way possible She immediately made me feel welcomed. Her knowledge of history and culture were second to none. She was SUPERB! She knew what I wanted to see and how much time I wanted to spend based on our conversations, so the tours were perfect in timing. She realized I was interested in seeing a cultural dance show and was able to plan it immediately. Her warm and welcoming demeanor was enticing. As for the food, she made sure my meal experience was new and checked to make sure there was anything I would not be open to eating. She introduced me to a new way of cooking and experiencing food!

When I arrived in Xi"an after taking the bullet train from Beijing, I was greeted by Sally. I immediately felt as though I was with a family member. She was warm, welcoming and interested in my background to better suit my experience in Xi"an. Like Amy, she sensed my interest in cultural dance and was able to book a night show for me. She was so concerned about me being able to get back to my hotel after the show that she volunteered to stay until the end of the show and make sure I got to the hotel. Wow….that was an incredible gesture. However, I could not ask that of her. The offer alone made me feel great! During my stay in Xi"an and related tours, she was informative, gracious and flexible. It was a great experience.

Hong Kong
I arrived in Hong Kong after my flight from Xi"an. I made myself over to my hotel(I already shared my experience). I took part in a half day tour, which was long enough for Hong Kong, hitting all the major highlights. Elton, our tour guide, was funny, informative, and overall a personable man. He recommended places to eat and other venues which we may be interested like the night light show of downtown Hong Kong.

My experience with China Tours was INCREDIBLE! They surpassed my expectations. Amy and Sally were top quality guides who made me feel like a VIP. I"ve traveled all over the world and have taken many tours. Amy and Sally are the BEST tour guides I"ve ever had. I would highly recommend China Tours!

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