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Xiamen Tours

Regarded as “Egret Island”, Xiamen is the habitat of egrets and a modern International port, scenic and tourist city. It is a ravishing destination for tourists to enjoy a spiritual journey as well as experience a relaxing lifestyle. Besides appreciating the must-see attractions in Xiamen, you can also marvel at the unparalleled Tulou Clusters in Yongding and Nanjing and explore the prestigious Mount Wuyi.

The following elaborately designed one day and multi-day tours will provide you a memorable and satisfactory traveling experience. You can spoil yourself with a leisure and scenic vacation in our no-shopping trips with your experienced local guide.

Map of Xiamen Tours sights
Xiamen Day Tours
Indulge yourself in one-day exhilarating highlights tours in Xiamen and Yongding. You can know about the gorgeous Hakka culture by exploring Hongkeng Tulou Cluster, Chuxi and Nanxi Villages in Yongding. Moreover, enjoy your Amoy sightseeing by visiting Island Ring Road. Go through Gulangyu Island to experience a leisure lifestyle in the city. Wonder at the divine South Putuo Temple, appreciating imposing Buddhist cultural relics and architecture. Doing some shopping as local people while strolling on Zhongshanlu Pedestrian Street.
Xiamen Multi-Day Tours
Join our classic multi-day tours, covering essentials in Xiamen and nearby attractions. Not only can you catch gorgeous glimpses of earth buildings and get a taste of local culture in Yongding and Nanjing, but also you can delight in stunning Xianmen attractions, which will help you discover the picturesque city. Pay a visit to majestic Wuyi Mountain where you can experience the marvelous landscape of winding streams, towering peaks and tremendous temples as well as the rich Dahongpao tea culture.
Top Questions about Xiamen Tours
Is one day enough to visit main attractions in Xiamen city?
It is recommended to visit in-city attractions in one day. Xiamen is a delicate island city, and attractions are not that far from each other. For example, Gulangyu Island could be reached in a five-minute ferry ride. Instead of feeling tired, you will relax yourself after a full-day tour in this leisure city.
Where should I go to visit Fujian Tulou Cluster, Nanjing or Yongding?
It depends on your focus. Nanjing Tulou boasts of unique layout of Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster and mountainous landscape, which attracts numerous photography lovers. With Tulou clusters of larger scale and longer history, Yongding enjoys high popularity among visitors. If time permits, you might as well visit both of them to enjoy diversified Fujian Tulou.
What are top things to do on Gulangyu Island?
With piles of interesting things to do, Gulangyu Island is a must-see attraction in Xiamen. The top recommendation is to visit Shuzhuang Garden and Piano Museum. Or experience laid-back local life in artistic stores of bourgeois sentiment, boutique cafes and hotels, or serene alleys. And you can never miss small snacks in these popular shops: ZHANG SANFENG milktea shop, MISS ZHAO’S SHOP, etc.