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Tibet Tours

Remote, mysterious, exotic, and breathtakingly beautiful, Tibet is an enchanting holiday destination where mighty ice-capped mountains, awe-inspiring lakes, unique civilization, ancient culture, very religious belief and friendly people come together.

No matter what your expectation, destination and duration of stay, we have offered a great selection of Tibet tours for you to choose from. All of these tours are private and fully guided by local experienced guides.

We take pride in having hand-picked the best highlights available in Lhasa, Gyangtse, Shigatse, and Tsetang, including Mt. Everest, Yomdrok Lake, Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Lhatse Town, etc. And we are ready to take all your hassles out and bring you many delights and conveniences!

Map of Tibet Tours sights
Popular Tibet Tours
On the following highly specialized Tibet tours, spectacular mountains, serene lakes, rugged wilderness and sacred culture await. All start and end in Lhasa, these popular Tibet tours will take you through the most popular destinations in Tibet, to discover the mysterious facts, to see the picturesque sceneries and sacred Buddhist shrines, and to experience the local exotic lifestyle and profound culture.
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Top China Tours with Tibet
Join our Top China Tours with Tibet to cover more popular destinations of China before heading to Tibet. The royal life in Beijing, profound history in Xian, modern skyscrapers and fashion life in Shanghai, intriguing natural wonders in Guilin, leisure cruise on Yangtze River and the majestic shrines in Tibet all await and beg to be experienced and explored.
Top Questions about Tibet Tours
Can I travel independently to Tibet?
No. Independent travel is prohibited in Tibet. Foreign travelers have to take part in a tour group organized by a local travel agency. You will be accompanied by the local guide through your visit.
How to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit?
Tibet Travel Permit is a must for foreign visitors traveling to Tibet. You can first book your Tibet tour with a tour agency like, then send us your passport and China visa copy. We will help you apply for the Tibet Travel Permit.
When is the best time to visit Tibet?
Spring (May to June) and autumn (September to October) are the best time to visit Tibet as you can enjoy the most pleasant weather and beautiful plateau scenery of the year. Summer (July and August) with daytime temperature hovering around 23 °C is also an ideal season to go, but you may expect rains on outdoor sightseeing. Always take rain gear with you if you travel in this season.