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From amazing natural landscapes and towering cityscapes to ancient sights and prestigious local markets, our Taiwan tours invite you to discover the array of delights this Treasure Island has to offer. Follow our elaborately designed routes, or let us help you to forge your own Taiwan dream trip. Every detail is well taken care of and suited specifically to your needs, so you can focus on just having fun!

Top Things to Do in Taiwan

Known as a treasure island of China, Taiwan possesses abundant resources as well as countless scenic spots. Most native travelers would like to make a tour around the island by bicycle, which takes a week or so. From Taipei in north to Kenting in south, from Hua-lien in east to cities in west, each mile along the island surrounded by the sea will bring surprise to you from time to time and never let you down. Another wonderful thing you could experience in Taiwan is killing time in a bookstore, and it's a good chance to get approach local culture.

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