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Suzhou Tours

Crowned by Marco Polo as the “Oriental Venice”, the Chinese water-side city of Suzhou is greatly admired for its crisscrossing canals, stone bridges, UNESCO classical gardens, stunning water towns as well as local’s easy lifestyle, which make it one of the most alluring expat cities in China.

All of the following Suzhou tours cover the most highlighted attractions like Humble Administrator's Garden, Garden of the Master of Nets, Tongli Water Town, etc. for you to experience the classical beauty of this enchanting city.

Tours with different styles are elaborately designed to suit your budget and interest. Plus, our no-shopping policy and flexible customize service will make your Suzhou trip with us a one-of-a-kind experience.

Map of Suzhou Tours sights
Suzhou Day Tour
Soak in the enduring beauty of Suzhou on our day tours highlighting all of its essences. You will have the opportunity to explore stunning Chinese landscaping in Suzhou’s classical gardens, cruise on the Grand Canal taking in pretty riverside residences, admire “China’s Pisa Tower” in historic Tiger Hill as well as stroll down Pingjiang Road to absorb unhurried pace of local echoing to the city’s quintessential charm.
Suzhou Multi-day Tour
Relax and unwind on our selected Suzhou multi-day trips for a leisure exploration of Suzhou’s unique frozen-in-time flavor. Apart from the classic attractions like Humble Administrator's Garden, Garden of the Master of Nets and Suzhou Museum, you can step back in time in picturesque Tongli Water Town enthralling your with well-preserved architectures, traditional lifestyle and ancient folk customs.
Suzhou Extended Tours
Go experience the time-honored glamour of Suzhou together with its nearby cities like Hangzhou and Shanghai in our extended tours. Professional guides promise you a much deeper look into all the wonders including picturesque scenery, remarkable culture treasures and architectures of past and present-day China. Tailor-make service allows great flexibility to deliver a trip to your personal requirements.
Top Questions about Suzhou Tours
What are the highlights of a trip to Suzhou?
Suzhou is famed as a city of gardens and canals, and the highlights include:
Admiring classical gardens like Humble Administrator's Garden, Lingering Garden and Garden of the Master of Nets to see exquisite structures perfectly blending with natural landscaping;
Taking pleasure in the picturesque serenity of nearby water towns represented by Tongli and Zhouzhuang;
Relaxing in a boat trip through the Grand Canal and enjoy some of Suzhou's most spectacular sights taking in traditional white-walled buildings and everyday life of Suzhou residents.
What is the popular transportation to travel to Suzhou?
High-speed train is the most convenient way to travel to Suzhou. The well-developed railway network connects Suzhou with Shanghai with just a 30 minutes' journey, making Suzhou popular among Shanghaineseas to escape from the clamorous city. Suzhou also makes for a great weekend getaway from Hangzhou, which is only 1.5 hours away by high speed train.
How many days are recommended to stay in Suzhou?
Generally, three days are enough to cover all the highlights of Suzhou at a leisurely pace, including Humble Administrator's Garden, Garden of the Master of Nets, Suzhou Museum, Tongli Water Town, etc.
For people with limited time, you are recommended to combine one of its representative gardens with Tongli Water Town or other in-city attractions like Tiger Hill and Pingjiang Road in a one-day trip for a glimpse of Suzhou's elegance.