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Luoyang Tours

Luoyang, ancient capital of 13 dynasties in Chinese history, greets you with its rich history dated back to Bronze Age, stunning Longmen Grottoes and legendary Shaolin Kung Fu. With convenient transportation from major cities in China, travelling to Luoyang becomes easier and more popular.

Tours with different highlights and different durations are recommended for you to marvel at this ancient capital or to learn the famous Martial Arts. For your longer stay in China, you could pick popular tours with Luoyang to combine Kung Fu and other top attractions to make an unforgettable Kung Fu tour.

Map of Luoyang Tours sights
Day Tours
Absorb the grandeur of Longmen Grottoes, see the magnificence of Kung Fu, or learn the development of Buddhism in China by paying a visit to the first officially established Buddhism Temple White Horse Temple.
Multi-day Tours
If you have 2 or 3 days in Luoyang, our carefully designed multi-day trip in the city will guide you to discover the best this ancient capital has to offer. Besides the top attractions of Longmen Grottoes, Shaolin Temple, White Horse Temple, Tianzijialiu Museum is also arranged in the tours for you to uncover the etiquette in ancient monarchy.
Popular Tours with Luoyang
Luoyang is definitely an ideal destination either for a break from conferences in Beijing and Xian or for tracing ancient culture together with legendary Kung Fu. Pick up one that suits your need and interests or feel free to leave us a message and our expert travel consultant will help tailor make your own special Luoyang tours.
Top Questions about Luoyang Tours
How many days are recommended to travel in Luoyang?
Ideally 2 or 3 days are suggested to cover the highlights of this ancient capital. With easy access to the city by high speed train, it is also feasible to travel in Luoyang in one day to see the two most famous sights of Longmen Grottes and Shaolin Temple. Suggested arrival time in the morning is before 10:00am, and departure time in the afternoon should be after 18:00 pm.
Is there a chance to learn Kung Fu Luoyang?
Yes, for all Kung Fu fans, there is a chance to learn Kung Fu at Martial Arts School. And duration varies according to your own needs and interests, from one hour during a tour to one or two years to study there as a student. In the school, teachers who speak English will be able to help for daily communications.
Is it easy to get to Luoyang from other cities?
Luoyang is well connected to all major cities in China by air and high speed trains. Beijing, Xian and Shanghai are the three most common cities arranged before or after Luoyang while travelling since by high speed train, it's only 4 hours away from Beijing, 1.5 hours to Xi’an and 5 hours to Shanghai.