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Lhasa Tours

As the capital of Tibet Autonomous Region, Lhasa is the center of politics, economy, culture and religion as well as the holy land of Tibetan Buddhism. Endowed with the "sunlight city", Lhasa has a pleasant weather, where you will marvel at the breathtaking scenery with a spectacular blue sky and experience the distinctive ethnic culture and religion. Given the unique nature of the conditions for tourism development, Lhasa has been known as the most outstanding tourist city and captivating city in China, where you can enjoy an unforgettable trip.

Map of Lhasa Tours sights
Lhasa Multi-Day Tours
Enjoy yourself in the glorious natural landscape, special customs and profound civilization in your multi-day tours in Lhasa, the spiritual city of Tibet by visiting the essence with Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Norbulingka and Sera Monastery.
Lhasa Extended Tours
With the goal of ensuring your extensive trip, there will be extended tours designed for you from Lhasa to other cities, where you can get hold of other popular destinations except attractions in Lhasa. If no tour can meet your needs, just leave us a message and our tour experts will offer you a tailor-made trip promptly to you within 24 hours.
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Top Questions about Lhasa Tours
What should I prepare for a Lhasa tour?
Prepare sun cream, sunglasses, lip moisturize and hat for protecting high ultraviolet ray in Tibet.
Prepare enough clothes and keep yourself warm since the temperature changes a lot between day and night.
With high altitude, low oxygen content and low air pressure, the environment in Tibet is easy to cause people feel headache, short of breath, heart beat fast, thirsty or dizzy. those reactions will occur within hours when people arrive in Tibet. After 1-2 days acclimation, people will gradually adopt local environment. We recommend visitors to prepare some medicine for altitude illness. If your reaction are really serious, go to hospital for help.
Can children and elder people go to Lhasa?
Tibet but due to its high altitude and special climate, not everyone is suit for traveling to Tibet. for children and elder people, they can travel to Tibet, but before go there, they have to know following things:
If elder people who have organic heart diseases, high blood pressure, blood diseases, chronic respiratory system diseases and hepatic diseases, we don't recommend you travel to Tibet since those diseases may cause problems for your body. For children, a safe age to visit Tibet is above 7~8 years old.
Make a body examine and listen to the doctor's advice. If your body condition allows you to travel to Tibet, prepare necessary medicine for altitude sickness.
Try to stay health and don't catch a cold before you are going to Tibet. Do not give children a shower at the first day they arrive since it's easy to catch a cold.