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Kunming Tours

Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, has long enjoyed good reputation of "Spring City" for its equable climate all year round. Its rich mix of Chinese minorities and distinctive attractions from old Chinese style architectures to most startling landscapes that you could not find anywhere else in the world makes it a dream destination for exploration and photography.

Interestingly, with well-developed tourism industry, Kunming still feels more like a place of leisure free of strong commercial breath, which one can easily tell from the laid-back attitude displayed by the locals.

All the highlights such as Stone Forest, Yuantong Temple, Bird-Flower Market, Green Lake Park and Dongchuan Red Earth Scenic Area are included in our tours varying in durations for your hassle-free exploration of the amazing Kunming. Tailor services to make your own Kunming tour based on your interest, time, budget and more are also available by simply leaving a message to us.

Map of Kunming Tours sights
Kunming Day Tours & Multiday Tours
Join our selected day tour to explore the Paleozoic karst landform at Stone Forest, admire the unique landscaping style of Yuantong Temple and get an insight into the local life in the Bird-Flower Market. Multiday tours with more attractions are also designed for those who prefer to stay longer for a leisure trip and deeper exploration of this spring city.
Classic Yunnan Tours including Kunming
All the essences in Kunming and its neighboring top cities are included in our extended tours for an overall perspective and wonderful experience in diversified Yunnan. Boasting all ingredients for a joyful adventure highlighted in natural wonders, ancient architectures and ethic customs, these tours will ensure you with a once-in-a-life experience in Southwest China.
Top Questions about Kunming Tours
When is the best time to visit Dongchuan Red Earth Scenic Area for photography?
The views in Dongchuan Red Earth Scenic Area change with seasons, and each has its unique beauty:
Spring: red and white blocks on the fields with buckwheat and potato flowers spreading all over;
Summer: reflective strips of mulching films, looking like woodcuts;
Autumn: patches of rape flowers and grand view of the land in glorious sunset;
Winter: snow-covered landscape varying under different lights.
Note: the earth turns reddest a day or two after a heavy rain.
When and where to see the red-headed gulls?
Red-headed gulls fly from Siberia to Kunming in late November each year for the winter and will not depart until March next year.
You can see them dwelling on the east and west banks of Dian Lake at night, and go out foraging at Green Lake Park and Haigeng Dam during the day.
Wherein, Green Lake Park is strongly recommended for its convenience to watch the red-headed gulls and feed them with foods sold at designated places for a close contact.
What activities are recommended to do during free time while travelling in Kunming?
Flower markets selling all kinds of flowers both home and abroad as well as many other items are worth visiting for experience of the daily life of locals.
Night markets such as Kundu are also strongly recommended, where you may spend a loafing night drink and chatting at numerous bars differing in styles or savor local snacks and cuisines that make you mouthwatering.