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Huangshan Tours

A small city in Eastern China, Huangshan City is rich in breathtaking vistas and historical heritage sites. Huangshan Mountain, the first highlight of the city, has intoxicated Chinese artists’ imagination for centuries for its dramatic peaks, beautifully-shaped pines, and epic landscapes. Let alone the ancient villages around featuring picturesque neighborhoods, traditional local architectures, and time-honored shops.

Embark on a trip to enjoy your exciting Huangshan vacation by choosing any of the following tours. We offer many ways to experience the rich treasures of Huangshan Mountain and its nearby areas. Our expert guides and meticulously designed itineraries ensure you have everything for a great vacation.

Map of Huangshan Tours sights
Popular Huangshan Tours
Explore Huangshan Mountain and the nearby villages like Tunxi, Hongcun, and Xidi with our handpicked tours and immerse into the incredible natural beauties and historic heritages led by our informative guides. Each of the following itineraries is professionally organized to cover the best Huangshan has to offer and maximize your time here. You will also discover the iconic views and activities of nearby Hangzhou, Shanghai.
Top Questions about Huangshan Tours
When is the best time to travel to Huangshan?
Huangshan is an all-year-round touristy city and you are expected to enjoy different beauty in different seasons. Generally speaking, April to November is the best time to go considering the comfortable weather and glorious landscape on Mt. Huangshan. Winter is cold yet spectacularly beautiful for trees and mountains are decorated with snow and ice.
Can I visit Huangshan Mountain in one day?
I’m afraid it will be a very tight schedule to explore the mountain within one day. The scenic area of Huangshan Mountain is rather massive, and we recommend you spend at least two days to get an overall experience.
Suggested Itinerary: Spend the first day hiking along the peaks and canyons. Then stay overnight on the mountain for the famous view of sunrise the next morning. Continue to explore other scenic spots, and finally use the cable car to get down the mountain.
What are the recommended attractions nearby the Yellow Mountain?
Only 1 hour’s drive from Huangshan city, the century-old Hui villages such as Hongcun, Xidi and Chenkan make for wonderful excursions from the natural beauty of the Yellow Mountain. Spend your day exploring traditional style houses, beautiful countryside scenery as well as ancient culture and custom. You will get a taste of the time-honored Hui culture.