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Hangzhou Tours

Planning a trip to Hangzhou? First off, congrats! That means you can soon indulge yourself in classical landscape, rich historical and cultural relics, profound tea culture, worry-free lifestyle, favorable climate, etc.

We have elaborately designed the following Hangzhou tours to cover the most highlights of Hangzhou including West Lake, Grand Canal, Lingyin Temple, Meijiawu Tea Village, as well as the landmarks of its surrounding areas like Shanghai, Suzhou, and Huangshan.

Tours of different durations, styles, and sizes are offered for different time schedules, tastes, and budgets. Plus, our informative guides, no-shopping stop policy, and free customize service will all help to guarantee your one-of-a-kind experience in Hangzhou.

Map of Hangzhou Tours sights
Hangzhou Day Tours
Our Hangzhou day trips are professionally organized covering all highlights Hangzhou has to offer, such as enjoying leisure boat ride and picturesque landscape on West Lake, exploring abundant Chinese tea culture at Meijiawu Tea Village, experiencing historic scenery and traditional lifestyle in Wuzhen Water Town… There will be no better ways to embark on a Hangzhou break or weekend getaway than these.
Hangzhou Multi-day Tours
The following multi-day trips must be your ideal choices if you have only 2-3 days available in Hangzhou but want to experience as much of this charming city as possible. Besides the basic attractions like West Lake, Lingyin Temple, and Feilai Peak, we will also transport you to destinations of rich culture, local customs and life, such as Meijiawu Tea Village, Wuzhen Water Town, and Workmanship Demonstration Pavilion.
Hangzhou Extended Tours
Our Hangzhou Extended Tours should be your cup of tea if you are looking for itineraries to maximize your time in Hangzhou and to explore the popular landmarks, fantastic sceneries and daily life of its nearby cities and towns. Feel free to customize a trip to make it yours if you cannot find one meets your every requirement.
Top Questions about Hangzhou Tours
When is the best time to visit Hangzhou?
With an average annual temperature of 16.5°C, Hangzhou is comfortable all year round and offers various sceneries through different seasons. We intend to recommend the period between March and October for the natural beauty is at its most spectacular. Note: Remember to avoid the National holidays of China.
What are the must-visit attractions in Hangzhou?
Among the various natural beauties and historical relics of Hangzhou, the most recommended ones are: West Lake – the symbol of Hangzhou, famous for its picturesque scenery. Meijiawu Tea Village – a Longjing tea plantation highlights profound tea culture and many tea related activities. Wuzhen Water Town – a water town adjacent to Hangzhou offering cherished history, charming scenery, and peaceful lifestyle.
Which nearby cities are recommended to visit as well when travelling Hangzhou?
Thanks to the convenient transportation system of Hangzhou and its surrounding areas, tourists now can take only a few hours to get to the nearby cities like Shanghai, Huangshan, Nanjing and Suzhou, which will entertain you with historical relics and captivating scenery. Water towns such as Wuzhen, Xitang and Nanxun are also easily accessible from Hangzhou and will enable you to explore the centuries-old customs, historical architectures, and elegant scenery.