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Guizhou Tours

Escape from the hustle and bustle realities to soak in the relaxed, laid-back vibe in Guizhou, a land of diversified ethnic groups, landscapes and folklore cultures hidden in the southwest of China.

Covering the most alluring parts of Guizhou like Anshun, Kaili, Rongjiang, Zhaoxing and Congjiang, our Guizhou tours guide you to take in dramatic landscapes dotted with cascading waterfalls, visit quaint Miao and Dong minority villages, and experience their ancient traditions, architecture, way of life, etc.

Fully escorted tours of different lengths are available to help you navigate the amazingly beguiling untouched land and contribute to memories that last a lifetime.

Map of Guizhou Tours sights
Guizhou Day Tours
Devote a full day to discovering the most characteristic aspect of Guizhou, such as standing in awe of the magnificent Huangguoshu Waterfall, enjoying hiking through idyllic rural landscape, exploring diverse ethnic culture in southeast of Guizhou including Langde Miao Village and Zhaoxing Dong Village… Each of the following day tours with different travel plan fits perfectly into your short Guizhou trip and gives you a peek into authentic Guizhou.
Guizhou Multi-Day Tours
Make an all-side exploration of the fascinating Guizhou with our well-designed multi-day Guizhou tours. Feast your eyes with natural beauty of pristine mountain villages, colorful customs of Miao and Dong People as well as cheerful ethnic festivals in which you can join in singing and dancing with hospitable minority people. All of Guizhou highlights are covered and can be customized for a more diversified Guizhou experience.
Guizhou Extended Tours
To maximize your Guizhou trip, our extended tours are specifically tailored to absorb a combination of iconic views and popular activities in Guizhou and neighboring cities like Guilin and Zhangjiajie. Awesome Miao and Dong Villages, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, karst mountains of Guilin as well as Longji Terraces are all included to make your long stay rich and unforgettable. You are welcome to customize your own trip if none of them meet your need.
Top Questions about Guizhou Tours
What can I see in Guizhou?
Guizhou is a place brimming with stunning natural scenery and diverse minority cultures. Depart from modern capital Guiyang to Anshun, where the cascading Huangguoshu Waterfall presents a real spectacle. Or you can discover the otherworldly scenic area of Southeast Guizhou, where ancient minority villages like Datang Short Skirt Miao Village in Kaili and famous Zhaoxing Dong Village have remained relatively untouched by the outside world.
When is the best time to visit Guizhou?
With annual average temperature hovering at 15 °C, Guizhou is basically an all-year-round destination. Natural scenery in spring and autumn are at their most breathtaking, offering a delightful getaway for urbanite.
For those who want to explore Guizhou's colorful minority culture, the best time to go is during the ethnic minority festivals, when local people dress in their most beautiful festive costumes and participate in a carnival of folk activities, like singing and dancing, bull fighting, Long Table Banquet, etc. The biggest celebration is the Miao New Year, held around December.
What food options are in Guizhou?
Sour and spicy flavor is featured in a diverse range of Guizhou food, such as Guizhou hotpot, Sour Fish Soup and Spicy Chicken. If you love spicy food, we are fairly certain you will find plenty of dining options here.
The capital Guiyang has McDonald's, KFC and some pretty western restaurants for you to take a break from Chinese food. In minority areas, you may expect to see limited western-style choices.