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Dunhuang Tours

As an important stop on the Silk Road for camel caravans, Dunhuang naturally became a place endowed with rich historical relics and religious arts. Delve into exquisite murals and sculptures in Mogao Caves which existed for over one thousand years, ride a camel on Singing Sand Dune or discover more splendid attractions during your Dunhuang tour. We present you the best tour packages to glimpse the highlights of Dunhuang on one-day tour. Take your time to appreciate fascinating cultural relics and unique natural scenery in Dunhuang in several days or discover more gems on Silk Road.

Map of Dunhuang Tours sights
Dunhuang Day Tours
Sited in the crossroad of the ancient Silk Road, Dunhuang is place where western and eastern culture, religions and arts perfect blended. We elaborately selected the best attractions in Dunhuang on one day tour. Explore Mogao Caves to appreciate thousands of Buddha caves and the finest Buddhist arts spanning a period of 1,000 years. Riding a camel on Singing Sand Dune with the sand makes melodious sound singing in your ears. Discover the unique beauty of Crescent Lake, an oasis in the desert.
Dunhuang Multi-Day Tours
Leisurely appreciate historical heritages and unique natural sites of Dunhuang in our selected multi-day tours. All top attractions, such as Mogao Caves, Singing Sand Dune, Crescent Lake and Yadan National Geologic Park, Yumenguan Pass, etc, are included to presents you a major stop-off city on Silk Road influenced deeply by eastern and western culture and religions.
Dunhuang Extended Tours
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Top Questions about Dunhuang Tours
What's the best time to visit Dunhuang?
The best time to visit Dunhuang and the ancient Silk Road is from May through October. So be sure to plan your trip during these months. Sandstorms are frequenters of Dunhuang in March and April. It can be a problem in the Dunhuang, with the wind sometimes reaching speeds of 3m/sec.
What's the weather like in Dunhuang?
The annual average temperature is 9.3 C (48.74 F), but ranges from 24.7 C (76.46 F) in July to -9.3 C (15.26 F) in January. The weather is fervent in summer and bitterly cold in winter with precipitation outstripped by evaporation.
Owing to the fluctuation in temperature between day and night, suggest tourists should bring a warm, winter clothing for use in the morning and evening.
What should I pay more attention when traveling in Dunhuang?
A warm and wind-proof jacket will help when you visit Dunhuang during anytime in the year. Other essentials include sunglasses, caps and sun-blocks due to the strong sunshine.
The air is extremely dry in most of the time, so lip balm is highly recommended. It is important to have enough water and fruits every day here.
What is the food like in Dunhuang?
Deeply influenced by nomadic culture, local cuisine in Dunhuang is featured with wheat flour noodles served with lamb, chicken or beef. BBQ mutton is very popular dish everywhere in the town. And Dunhuang Rang Pizi is another well-known specialty here, which is actually made from pea flour with jelly look. Developed and improved by Zhao Changan (master chef and restaurateur), Dunhuang dishes are recognized as one of the New Eight Cuisines of China. Famous dishes include Camel Hoof on the Silk Road, Stir-fried Hump with Five Shredding, Quick-frying Hump, Three Treasure of Anxi, Fry Oil Cake and Yellow Noodles.