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Datong Tours

With an incredible array of historical sites, Datong has always been a hot destination for visitors to explore. And convenient transportation to the city makes access to enjoy the city very easy.

Magnificent Yungang Grottoes and incredible Hanging Monastery are the top attractions in Datong. And our tours also take you to discover more of the city’s stunning sightseeings like the architectural miracle Wooden Pagoda in Ying County and the astonishing Nine Dragon Screen. Well preserved Pingyao ancient town is also suggested to be blended into your Datong tours.

Start your discovery in Datong with and be amazed by what this city has to offer.

Map of Datong Tours sights
Datong Day Tours
Make full use of your limited time in Datong with our day tours. The gorgeous must-see Yungang Grottoes have been included in all following routes. You have every chance to see top historical sites of the city in one day.
Datong Multi-Day Tours
A multi-day tour takes you to get fascinating insight of nearly all classic attractions of both religious and historical sites in Datong. Be impressed by the amazing architectural masterpieces, like Hanging Monastery and Wooden Pagoda. Immerse yourself in superb attractions one after another.
Datong Extended Tours
The extended tour satisfies your further needs to explore more in and around Datong. Join our extended tours to enjoy Datong, Pingyao and Taiyuan. If you want to go to more cities, feel free to leave us a message and our tour experts will tailor your own Datong tour promptly within 24 hours.
Top Questions about Datong Tours
How to arrange a Datong tour?
One or two nights are suggested for your Datong tour to cover all the highlights. And a guided tour is recommended for your better understanding of the historic sites. You can start from Beijing and take an overnight train to Datong. Then proceed to Pingyao followed by Xi’an for there is only a 2.5-hour high-speed train ride between the two cities. And from Xi’an, it is easy to get to other cities in the country.
Where else is suggested to visit near Datong?
Pingyao ancient town, only 4 hours’ drive away, is the first choice. With piles of historical spots, this well-preserved old town is what you cannot miss for taking in ancient Chinese culture. Xi’an and Beijing, China’s two most famous ancient capitals, can both be reached from Datong by trains.
How is the accommodation in Datong?
Datong is a young city in tourism, especially Inbound Tourism. Facilities in the hotels here are excellent, which ensures your accommodation pleasant and comfortable. But there are no hotels of international brands and most hotel staff here do not speak much English, which is not a problem since your guide is always available for assistance.