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Dali Tours

Sandwiched between mountains and Erhai Lake at an altitude of 2100 meters, Dali is embraced by enchanting landscapes excluding the charm of leisure. Steeped in history, Dali retains the best-preserved residential housings of local Bai people, opening a window to explore their original folk customs.

All the essences of Dali such as Xizhou Town, Erhai Lake, Three Pagodas, and Dali Ancient Town are included for a full exploration of the relaxed destination immersed in tranquil atmosphere.

Tours of different duraions are recommended for you to get the most out of amazing Dali. Tailor-made tours based on your special need will be also available within 24 hours after receiving your massage.

Map of Dali Tours sights
Dali Day Tours & Multiday Tours
Escape from the bustle and hustle of modern cities in our selected day tour in Dali. Cruise around Erhai Lake soaking in the captivating scenery stretching away to touch the blue sky, meander through the alleys in Xizhou Town famed for ancient dwellings of Bai minority, and admire the towering Three Pagodas standing in a solemn atmosphere. Multiday tour added with Dali Ancient Town is dedicated to providing a more comprehensive experience in Dali, especially the slow-paced life and simple folk customs.
Classic Yunnan Tours including Dali
Join our extended tours to enjoy a fine selection of classic spots in Dali and its neighboring top cities to visit, including Kunming, Lijiang, Shangri-la and more. Integrated with natural wonders, historical relics and ethic customs of appealing unique regional features, these tours will ensure you with an overall perspective and wonderful experience in Southwest China.
Top Questions about Daili Tours
When is the best time to visit Dali with considerations of minority festivals?
April and May are recommended for boasting the most pleasant weather in a year. Two biggest festivals of Bai minority “The Third Moon Fair of Dali” and “Raosanling Festival” are also celebrated during this period. For those who have no special interest in minority festivals, Dali is suitable for visit all year round blessed with a pleasant climate with annual average temperature hovering at 15 °C.
What can I do during free time in Dali?
During your free time, you may meander through Dali Ancient Town, savoring local cuisines and snacks. When the darkness falls, pop into a bar in the Foreigner Street for a loafing night, drinking and talking with your companion or strangers.
What is the best way to enjoy the beauty of Erhai Lake?
Covering an area of 256.5 square kilometers, Erhai Lake is not suitable for free exploration by walk. It will also take much time to visit by cycling and prevent you from enjoying the whole scenery in case of driving. As for those considerations, you’d better choose a boat trip around Erhai Lake, which will save your time and provide a closer contact with the enchanting landscape.