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Chengdu Tours

Chengdu, blessed with an abundance of natural and cultural treasures, is a leisure destination abounding with options and diversity. More than a close encounter with the Giant Pandas, you can also stroll on Jinli Street to enjoy leisure time and treat your taste buds with the local cuisines, or marvel at the world’s largest stone Buddha statue and picturesque Jiuzhaigou.

The following Chengdu Tours are specially designed for your experience of the city’s incredible charm. Day and multi-day, private and group tours are all available to cater for your requirements. Experienced local guide and no-shopping policy will ensure that you get the most out of your vacation.

Map of Chengdu Tours sights
Chengdu Day Tours
The following day-trips are designed for travelers who are pressed for time and want to focus on the most essentials of Chengdu. Covering Giant Panda, Jinli Street, Kuanzhai Xiangzi, and Leshan Giant Buddha, these no shopping tours will offer you chances to discover the grand treasures of Chengdu and have some insight information on local culture and life.
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Chengdu Multi-Day Tours
Join our Chengdu multi-day tours and spoil yourself with a leisure, cultural and scenic vacation. We have elaborately designed trips of several days' duration which cover panda, Jiuzhaigou, Mt. Emei and many other highlights in and nearby Chengdu, and will take care of every detail during the trip. All you need to do is enjoying your vacation. Tailor-made service is available if cannot find what you are expecting.
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Top Questions about Chengdu Tours
What’s the best time to visit Chengdu?
With humid subtropical monsoonal climate, the weather in Chengdu is largely mild and humid. The average temperature in Chengdu is around 16C (60F). The best time for visiting Chengdu is spring and autumn from March to June and September to November. The weather in July and August is the hottest and a little bit sultry in Chengdu with a big temperature difference from day and night. If you choose come to Chengdu in summer, better visit Mount Emei or Qingcheng Mountains to escape the summer heat. Winter is cold and humid, with occasional snow.
Where can I see pandas?
As the hometown of cute giant panda, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is absolutely a best place to get close to pandas. Sited only 7 miles from downtown, covered by bamboos, the panda base keeps over 80 giant pandas. The best time for visiting pandas is at 8-10am during their feeding time when pandas are still active.
If you want to hold a baby panda or site next to a larger adult panda, then visit Dujiangyan Panda Base. But you need to pay extra fee, and only 20 visitors are allowed to take a picture with the panda a day. Don't use flash light when you take photos for protecting pandas'eyes.
How's the food and drink in Chengdu?
Chengdu is the home of Chinese spicy cuisine, featured as delicious, numb and spicy. With heavy use of different types of Sichuan paper and spices, hot pot is a popular food spotted in every street that you can't miss, but on the condition you are not afraid of spicy food.
Handed down for thousand years, tea culture is very prosperous in Chengdu. With special bamboo chairs, square wooden table and jasmine tea, teahouse, spotted almost everywhere in the city, is a relaxing place for people to chat or appreciate Sichuan opera shows.