Why choose us?

Wondering what makes us stand out from so many travel agencies and operators in China? ChinaTours.com believes in this true and simple philosophy: we are offering a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience instead of selling a tour product! And the following are distinguished specialties that make our service of value to you.

Genuine Tours
Yes, forced shopping is really frustrating during one’s travel. So we stick to our No Shopping Policy to offer you a genuine China experience without the hassle of spending your time and money in overpriced tourist shops.

China Based Tour Expert
We have a locally-staffed team who have first-hand experience of their areas and love the chance to show their expertise off in your unforgettable China travel.

Great Efficiency
24 hour prompt response is our promise as we fully understand how important it is to be reachable any time you need help or have events of emergency during a visit in a totally different foreign country. With a dedicated team watching out for you all the way, all enquiries will be handled in a professional, timely manner.

More Insider Experiences
We hire local insiders and product designers of years of experience to help you get the most out of your China holiday. With our insider access to destinations, you can visit local families, have a dining experience in the true local style, explore areas not on a typical agenda, get guidance and insights on local custom, history, highlights, etc., enjoy not only a travel, but also a cultural immersion.

Unique Personalized Service
We have expert travel consultants who are your source for the ideal vacation. No matter what your expectations or needs for a vacation are, they always have the knowledge to adapt or create the itinerary based around your interests and budgets, guaranteeing you a unique and fantastic experience.

More Tour Choices and Themes
Looking for a particular tour style? Our all-inclusive types and themes of tours will make it easier.
The private tour with enough flexibility and freedom is a frequent choice for those who want to travel alone, or with families and friends; a small group tour (with max. 18 travelers) makes it possible to travel with a group of like-minded people who share the common travel desire; the wide range of tour themes, including photography tours, hiking adventures, family vacations, honeymoon holiday, luxury cruise trip, cultural discoveries, etc., offer options for all travel styles.

Well-located Luxury Accommodation
We are always dedicated to fulfilling your dream of home-away-from-home! It will always be one of our specialties to arrange you high quality international brand 4 & 5 star hotels which come with easy access to dining, shopping, sightseeing and entertainment. If such kinds of hotels occasionally don’t exist in some remote destinations, we still manage to provide you the most quality stay available.
Also optional for you are some boutique hotels rich in traditional and local styles, providing excellent opportunities to encounter local culture, history and customs.

Relaxed Touring Pace
We are firmly convinced that traveling more leisurely will guarantee a real in-depth experience, an immersion of local culture, food, landscapes and people, and also an opportunity to discover things and places that intrigue you at your own way. That's why we always arrange the properly easy-paced tours.

Superior Privacy Protection
Never worry about the safety of your privacy! We encourage multiple convenient yet secured payment options, including PayPal, credit card, bank transfer and Western Union, to offer strong protections for customers. We will never sell, rent or share your privacy information to any unauthorized third-party; it is our Privacy Policy promise.