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  • The Movie named The Grandmaster-Gong Ruomei(descendant of Baguazhang) The Movie named The Grandmaster-Gong Ruomei(descendant of Baguazhang)

Baguazhang Martial Arts, shorted for Bagua Lianhuanzhang or Youshen Baguazhang, is a famous internal Chinese Martial Art in Wudang School, along with Taiji Quan and Xingyi Quan. Baguazhang focuses on the changes of palm techniques and footwork and its route.

Invented by Dong Haichuan (1797-1882) who lived in Wen’an County in Hebei province, Baguanzhang martial art is a mixture of the philosophy of Daoism and Wushu from other schools. Due to the complex footwork and movements resemble the diagram of Bagua in the Book of Changes, so called Baguazhang. “Where there is Bagua, there is peace and harmony between positive and negative” which was recorded in Yijing. In Qing Dynasty, Master Dong lived in Beijing and taught his disciples Baguazhang. With time goes by, Baguazhang has spread widely among domestic area and the rest of the world, particular in the Southeast Asia and America.

Traditional Baguazhang, invented and studied by many grandmasters, did circle walking with dynamic footwork, palm techniques on the theoretical basis of Bagua. The forms (Taolu) are of flexibility. Different practitioners have its forms. Furthermore, the requirement of Baguazhang martial art is flexibility of human body. The practitioners continue to walk as a circle route along with altering the distance and directions between rivals and themselves, then evade frontal attack and hit the less important parts of the rival’s body at the right time.

Instead of fists, Baguazhang advocates that using the palm to attack rivals, which break the traditional forms (Taolu) and broaden the horizon of Chinese martial art. Subsequently, many modern styles appeared, such as Yin Style, Cheng Style, Liang Style, Gao Style as well as Jiang Style.

Many foreigners are flocking to Wudang Mountain for the purpose of practicing Baguazhang on the influence of the movie “The Grandmasters”. The highlight of this movie is the Baguazhang performing, flowing movements showing the perfect combination of softness and hardness, and rhythmical and flexible footwork revealing the charm of changes in Baguazhang. Chinese Martial Art is broad and profound, while Baguazhang, as a major part, is not only the treasure for China, but also the cultural heritage in the world.

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