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Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese martial arts, widely known as Chinese Kung Fu, is a traditional sport that have been developed throughout the human history as a means of self-defense, physical health and fitness. It is based on a range of combative techniques and practiced in the form of routines (Taolu), wrestling and defense strategies. So the training of Chinese martial arts usually requires a strict physical and mental discipline of the practitioners.

China is one of the several countries in the world that has the longest martial arts traditions, and the martial arts have become an integral part of Chinese culture. The widespread influence of Chinese martial arts not only produces a large number of excellent Kung Fu films, but also popularizes Taichi, Wingchun and Shaolin Kung Fu across the world.

Chinese Martial Arts
Chinese Martial Arts
History and Kung Fu theory

Chinese Martial Art, referring to Kungfu or Wushu, is an indelible part of China’s cultural heritage. It is said that the origin of Kungfu can be dated from the unrecorded history of ancient China.

In primitive society, because of the hostile environment, barbarians chose sticks to fight against beasts in order to defend themselves and obtain food. Subsequently, people made lethal weapons to competing for wealth. In accordance with Classic of Mountains and Rivers which is an ancient document, people not only made weapons, but also accumulated some martial art techniques through combat.

Training Martial Art and Its Benefits

Training martial art falls into four steps, basic skills, routines, strategies and weapons. No matter what style you belong to, these four parts are indelible in Martial Art training. In addition, Wude, referring to Morality are regarded as the most important part in Chinese Martial Art.

Mortality contains two parts, mortality of deed and mortality of mind. Mortality of deed refers to the sense of modest, integrity, courtesy and righteousness, while mortality of mind means the sense of braveness, patience, persistence as well as ambition. Possessing the mortality of martial art, one has quality to engage in learning Chinese Kung Fu.

Typical Types

With a history of over 6,000 years, Chinese martial arts have contained a wide range of different styles. Statistics shows that, at present, there are over 300 well-established styles of boxing in China due to the evident difference between South and North in terms of geography, climate and the various shapes of people.

Usually, Chinese martial arts can be categorized based on the region, inheritance and origin, set of techniques, etc. Traditionally, martial arts can be divided into external (内家) and internal (外家), or northern and southern style by location. Their focus on fighting skills also varies. For example, the Shaolin Kung Fu in north China emphasizes fast and powerful movement, while Wing Chun, an outstanding example of southern style, concentrates more on stable and firm stance. The most prestigious and well-known Chinese martial arts types are as follows.

Famous Kungfu Stars
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee was a highly-revered Chinese-American martial artist and film actor, who had played an influential role in elevating Chinese martial arts and martial arts films to a new level of popularity throughout the world. Aside from the record-breaking blockbusters, he is also known as the practitioner of Wing Chun, and the founder of Jeet Kune Do, his famous philosophy about martial arts.
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan is a Chinese martial artist, actor and film director. Enrolled in the Peking Opera School at an early stage, he excelled in martial arts and acrobatics, and later started his film career as a stuntman. Now he has received worldwide recognition as an international Kung-Fu star, best known for fusing a range of mind-boggling, insane yet awesome stunt works with his witty acting in many films.
Jet Li
Since the success of Bruce Lee, it seems that a martial arts master would eventually demonstrate his skills in the silver screen. Without exception, Jet Li made his debut with the martial arts film, Shaolin Temple, after won the National Wushu Champion for five consecutive years and went on to star in many Hollywood action movies, such as Lethal Weapon 4, The Expendables, Fearless, etc.
Donnie Yen
Donnie Yen is a Hong Kong martial artist, actor and action choreographer who has displayed his notable martial arts skills in various styles, such as Tai Chi, karate, kick-boxing, taekwondo, etc. He is considered to be one of the greatest action stars in China that bring to the popularization of traditional martial arts.
Wu Jing
Born in a martial arts family, Wu Jing is a Chinese actor, director and martial artist. Like Jet Li, he won the championship in several national Wushu competitions and later moved into Hong Kong action cinema as an action choreographer and later as an actor.
Kungfu Shows
The Legend of Kung Fu
The Legend of Kung Fu

The Legend of Kung Fu is a high level performance of the prestigious Chinese martial art presented by China’s leading performance art production company. It creatively blends Chinese martial arts with acrobatics, modern dancing and theatre, telling the story of a young boy, who became a Kung Fu master after overcoming all kinds of hardships and temptations on the road to enlightenment.

A group of the best Kung Fu practitioners, stage directors and designers of the country have been found for this production. With gripping story line, wonderful set design and thrilling martial-arts skills, the show surely captivates both the adults and kids.

  • Show Time: 7:30pm-8:50pm
  • Address: The Red Theater, No. 44, Xingfu Street, Chongwen District, Beijing
  • Price: 150CNY/per person
Shaolin Kung Fu Performance
Shaolin Kung Fu Performance

Shaolin Temple is reputed as the Number One Temple under Heaven, and it is also where the Chinese Chan Buddhism and the legendary Shaolin Kung Fu originated. Shaolin monks have been practicing Kung Fu for over 1,500 years, and they display their fantastic martial arts skills in the regular Kung Fu performances to feast the eyes of visitors. So well schedule your visiting time, and you will have the chance to marvel at the authentic Shaolin Kung Fu Show staged by the professional Shaolin Kung Fu practitioners.

  • Show Time: 9:30am, 10:30am, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, and 4:30pm
  • Address: Performance Hall, Shaolin Temple, Dengfeng, Henan, China
  • Pricing: Included in the ticket prices to Shaolin Temple (ticket price: 100CNY/ per person)
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