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Chinese Food

Chinese food, with its long history, diverse varieties, exquisite culinary art and featured styles, is renowned throughout the world. Over several thousand years of development, Chinese cuisine has contained a rich, profound content, which makes it one of the Three Grand Cuisines in the world, along with French and Turkish cuisine.

As an ancient Chinese saying goes, food is the sky for people. Since ancient time, Chinese has paid meticulous attention to the preparation of food. The prestigious Chinese cuisine is also famous for its emphasis on color, aroma, taste, presentation as well as the deep cultural meaning they convey. With a vast territory, Chinese cuisine owns such a remarkable diversity that you will virtually be overwhelmed when making your choices. However, it forms the most authentic part of China travel experience that foreign tourists are looking for. Survey shows that, Gong Bao Chicken (a classic Sichuan dishes), Peking Roasted Duck (a famous Beijing cuisine), Spring Rolls (a traditional Chinese dim sum), etc. are among the top eight most beloved Chinese food by foreigners. With exquisite flavor and an amazing mix of style, you just cannot stop loving it.

Chinese Dumplings
Chinese Dumplings
Eight Distinguished Regional Chinese Cuisines

China is a world-famous Culinary Kingdom. Based on the influence of geographical environment, available food resources, cultural customs and cooking techniques, each region boasts a distinctive food flavor of their own. It is widely accepted that Chinese food can be divided into eight distinguished regional cuisines, together constituting an important component of Chinese food culture.

Other Regional Cuisines

Chinese food is well known for its incredible diversity. Certainly, beside the eight recognized culinary styles, there are many other local cuisines that are famous. Here are a few of them that enjoy fame across the country.

Certain Food for Festivals and Important Occasions

There are so many traditional festivals, and each has its cuisine customs. Since cuisine culture is deep rooted in Chinese tradition, food is bound with the traditional festivals and some important occasions. Preparing and eating certain food is one of the methods of celebration.

During the Spring Festival, all the families will prepare certain food with good symbolic meanings. The most common one is dumpling. People usually eat dumplings on the Spring Festival Eve, which applies the meaning of intersection of the coming year and the past year.

Chinese Food Ingredients and Easy Recipes

"Chinese eats everything that flies except the airplane, everything that moves on the earth except the train, and everything that swims in the water except the submarine". Though this saying is exaggerated, it vividly demonstrates the overwhelming variety of ingredients adopted by Chinese in their food. From grains, meats, aquatic products to vegetables, fruits, fungi, flowers and various seasoning materials, Chinese has never lost the enthusiasm of finding new ingredients.

Chinese Food Culture and Eating Etiquette

As a civilized ancient country with a long history of 5000 years, China established the broad and profound food culture which has been a chief component of Chinese culture. In the long course of historical development, Chinese food culture has formed its own characteristics, and can be observed in the following aspects, such as various flavored, varying with the season, paying attention to aesthetic feeling, etc.

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