Travel Consultants Behind Your Tour

Here are members of our team of travel consultants, who are the rainmakers behind the scene operating your tour. They answer your phone calls, reply emails and piece together the holiday plan that most catering to your requires, etc. Equipped with friendliness, patience, diligence, focus and most importantly, plenty expertise in helping clients and China travel destinations, they would always be your support at any point of your tour.
  • Lora Li Hi, this is Lora, one of the Travel Consultants at I am originally from Henan Province, the hometown to the world-renowned Shaolin Kungfu. You might be a big fan of Chinese Kungfu movies like Kungfu Panda, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, just to name a few. However, I can assure you that you won't know the real art of Kungfu until coming down to China and visiting the Shaolin Temple in person. The rich Buddhist culture and lengthy histories are also deeply intertwined with the martial performance. Besides, Henan still has much to offer, such as the Longmen Grottoes, White Horse Temple, Peony Festival and the likes. I'll be glad to plan for you the most splendid holiday to Henan and other places around China!
  • Martha Fu Hi, this is Martha from the Sales and Marketing Team of, Xian branch. I am a person of great sense of responsibility and always full of energy; I am always prepared to answer any of your enquiries as soon as possible. I am rather fond of travelling myself and have been to several places around China such as Beijing, Guangzhou, and other major cities. As a travel consultant, putting up the most reasonable yet amusing itinerary encompassing hot sightseeing spots for my client is my job and pleasure at the same time.
  • Virginia Wei Hi! This is Virginia from Working as a travel consultant has been one of the most cheering thing in my life. Helpful, responsible and patient are what people describe me the most. “To help but not to sell” has always been my motto in both career and personal life.

    As a travel consultant, the major part is to communicate with my clients through email or on the phone and the happiest moment is to make my clients’ dream tours come true by putting my personal experience and their preference together. If you are planning a China trip, I am sure I will make it a wonderful and memorable one!

  • Wynn Wang Hi, there. This is Wynn, a travel consultant from I like traveling myself, and I also enjoy making sure my clients a good time when traveling in China. The praises from my clients always please me most and drive me forward. I sincerely hope that during your stay in China, you can not only satisfy your eyes and stomach, but also experience the real Chinese culture and have a better understanding of Chinese people and its on-going reforms. So, if you’re looking for a wonderful No Shopping Stops China tour, please contact me freely because I will try my very best to make your stay a pleasant one.
  • Noke Yang My name is Noke, and I have been a part of ChinaTours for quite a long time and I am extremely lucky, fortunate and blessed to say that “I love my job”. Not just because all my colleagues are girls, but for the reason that I have a true passion for travel.

    When I was travelling around the US, I saw people from all over the world being amazed by the fantastic scenery and advanced metropolis there. And I was thinking to myself, “wow, this is so cool, but wouldn’t it be cooler if I can get these people travel to my country! Being one of the biggest countries in the world and with a history of 5,000 years, China surely can give those people an experience of a lifetime! ”

    With every reservation that I make, I give special attention to exactly what my clients are looking for and what is important to them. And the most rewarding part of working in the travel industry is helping others fulfill their travel dreams.

    My loyal clients speak with praise and satisfaction for the memories they cherish on the vacation trips we planned together. It would be my pleasure to offer my services and help on your special vacation planning.

  • Ellen Huang Hi! This is Ellen from Precise, careful and patient are the most appropriate words to describe myself. I believe it is a pleasurable thing to combine your hobby with your work, which gives you not only interest but also high motivation. I am a girl with great passion for traveling. I like the places of historical interest which make me feel more impressed by the long history of China. I also love the natural landscapes which make me feel how miraculous the nature is. Most important of all, it makes people feel peaceful and powerful while enjoying the beautiful sceneries. Travelling has always been my favorite hobby. As a travel consultant, I am eager to share more beautiful places, interesting attractions and also historical or educational spots of China with more and more clients. During my daily work, the happiest moment is to receive my clients’ feedback about their great travelling, friendly guides, impressive sightseeing, etc. If you are planning a trip, do consider China. I would be more than happy to provide a wonderful and memorable China trip for you!
  • Wendy Yuan Hi, this is Wendy, an open-minded, sunny and full energy lady, I'm fond of traveling all over the world, such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Greece, etc. I'm so happy to work in ChinaTours team and assisting travelers to organize wonderful journey is my favorite. Sharing your traveling ideas with me, I will make your wonderful and memorable China trip come true.
  • Summer Zhang Hi, this is Summer, a member of ChinaTours consultant team. When you choose ChinaTours, I guess you may be as energetic as me since we are all found of going outside to encounter different people, culture, custom, or just wanna be a foodie to try out various exotic dishes. Whenever you have a China tour on your agenda, just feel free to contact me, and I am pleased to tackle with each of your problems and ensure you a memorable tour in China.