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Huguo Temple Snack Restaurant

Huguo Temple Snack Restaurant is one of the representatives of Beijing local snack. It is well known for rich variety, outstanding features and deep culture in it. Over 80 local snacks which are popular among people from Beijing and all over the country as well as foreign guests, such as Stuffed Glutinous Rice Flour Ball, Glutinous Rice Flour Roll with Red Bean Paste and Soy Bean Flour, Pea Flour Cake, Fried Dough Twist, Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame, Fried Doughnut, Flour Tea, Gut Soup, Fermented Soya Milk, and more, could be found here.

In the spring of 1999, four chefs from Huguo Temple Snack taurant went to Singapore to attend the “Spring in River Bank–Greeting the New Year”. The delicate snacks made by them were highly praised by Singapore citizens and Premier Wu Zuodong, after the event, ordered 100 Glutinous Rice Flour Roll with Red Bean Paste and Soy Bean Flourfor the State Banquet. Local snacks have been present to elegant places. In November 2004, Business Department of Huguo Temple Snack Restaurant sent chefs to participate the 4th Macao Cate Festival and won great reputation in Macao with delicate Beijing local snacks and technique.

Huguo Temple Snack Restaurant as a time-honored brand in China, based on carrying out the local snack tradition, focuses on research and innovation, and introduced the Local Snacks Banquet integrating fine works of local snacks and Moslem flavor with excellent technique and deliberate banquet design.

Old Beijing Noodles Restaurant

The traditional Old Beijing Noodles is cooked with wide hand-tossed noodles, soybean paste, radish pieces, cucumber pieces, cabbage pieces and other vegetables. Even though some of the other dishes are truly fantastic, as the restaurant's name suggests, the main attraction is the noodles. There are several varieties, but the houses special are best known and most delicious. These come served alone in a large white bowl. Circling that bowl are lots of smaller bowls containing, sauces and chopped vegetables. The waiter dumps these into the noodles in quick succession to create a tasty mix. You would then personally mix the ingredients together to eat. 

Old Beijing Noodles is one of traditional Beijing dishes. If you are not fond of noodles, you may also try other regional Beijing snacks. Besides the delicious food, the traditional Chinese style decoration will provide you a great experience. The dining room is set out with low traditional style dark wood tables and simple benches. The walls are covered in calligraphy and traditional art. In order to fit into this image, those staffs are not only dressed in the style of imperial servants, but also announce the arrival of new diners by shouting out across the room, which creates a fantastically welcoming feel.

Merrylin Restaurant

Mei Lin Ge (Merrylin) restaurant serves authentic Shanghaiese cuisine. The sweet delicate flavors of Shanghai are available here in many different forms, but ordering from the dim sum menu allows you to try many different dishes served to you in small, bite-sized portions. The English menu has lots of pictures so ordering here is easy and efficient. A little over-priced but if you're willing to sacrifice a few bucks in return for efficiency check this place out.

Xi's Garden Restaurant

The Xi’s Garden Restaurant is located in the European-style villa built in 1913. This used to be the residence of Xideyi, the former president of Kuomintang’s central bank. Open in 1998, this restaurant is famous for making Shanghai local dishes and still keeps on making effort to develop new dishes. Its signature dishes are: hand torn pigeon, fish head with pepper and chopped onion, pie with the filling of crab meats and roes, smoking butterfish and etc.  

Xian Qiang Fang,Shanghai

Set in an extravagant venue, this restaurant offers you a welcome in both its large halls and its myriad of private rooms.There is also a stage where plays are presented every Thursday to Saturday.

The Shanghai chef here entertains diners with a wide array of dishes that range from traditional Chinese to re-invented Western-style food. The quality of the ingredients is high, and the presentation is well arranged. The price range is also wide enough to accommodate all pockets.

McFound Restaurant

McFound specializes in classical northern Chinese cuisine. They serve lots of wheat food-noodles and dumplings, which are full of traditional cultural atmosphere. Also the environment is cultural and easygoing. At present time, it has become the most characteristic food restaurant in Guilin.

Beauty-Thai Restaurant

Located by the picturesque Li River, Tasty Castle Beauty-Thai Restaurant boasts authentic delicacies of Southeast Asia with elegant environment and Thai-style decoration. The restaurant is also an ideal place suitable for gathering. The specialties are: Hot and Sour Prawn Soup, Imperial stir-fried Crab with Curry, Banana Steamed Vermicelli Roll, Pineapple Sea Fruit Fried Rice and Vegetables with Shrimp Paste. 

Real Love Restaurant

Located in the tranquil city wall garden just outside of west gate of Xian city wall, the Real Love Restaurant is known for its outstanding service and well-designed interior. It's the No.1 choice for people who are looking for a place with dainty food and elegant tone. Unlike other Chinese restaurants, this restaurant is quiet, so clients can enjoy food without disturbance of noise and "passer-by". In addition to that, this restaurant is one of few none-smoking restaurants in Xian.