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Consultants Behind Your Tour

Here are members of our team of travel consultants, who are the rainmakers behind the scene operating your tour. They answer your phone calls, reply emails and piece together the holiday plan that most catering to your requires, etc. Equipped with friendliness, patience, diligence, focus and most importantly, plenty expertise in helping clients and China travel destinations, they would always be your support at any point of your tour.
  • Candy Tang To bear confidence inside and a full smile on the face is my motto, I think my name, Candy, pretty accurately describes my characteristics. Communicating with clients is the routine but a very delightful one in my job. And the appreciation received after my clients finish their vacation to China is my biggest reward.
  • Rose Shi Hello, this is Rose Shi from www.chinatours.com. Working as a travelling consultant is my first job and I have had over two years experience on it now. The major and most important part of my work involves communicating with our clients, either through email or on the phone. And the most cheering part would be the time when clients approve with the itineraries I scheduled for them, and also when positive feedbacks are received about the service we offered at the end of their journey in China.

    I genuinely hope that all people could take a close look at the modern China when there is an opportunity, since it is a sensational place highlighted by series significant sites such as Great Wall at the capital city Beijing, Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses in Xian, the adorable pandas in Chengdu, the mysterious Lhasa, overwhelming sceneries along the Yangtze River, and the trendy metropolis Shanghai etc., which are all the things our Chinese take pride in.

  • Lora Li Hi, this is Lora, one of the Travel Consultants at Chinatours.com. I am originally from Henan Province, the hometown to the world-renowned Shaolin Kungfu. You might be a big fan of Chinese Kungfu movies like Kungfu Panda, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, just to name a few. But, I can assure you that you won't know the real art of Kungfu until coming down to China and visit the Shaolin Temple in person. The rich Buddhist culture and lengthy histories are also deeply intertwined with the martial performance. Besides, Henan still has many others to offer, such as the Longmen Grottoes, White Horse Temple, Peony Festival and the likes. I'll be glad to plan for you the most splendid holiday to Henan and other places around China!
  • Martha Fu Hi, this is Martha from the Sales and Marketing Team of Chinatours.com, Xian branch. I am a person of great sense of responsibility and always full of energy; I am always prepared to answer any of your enquiries as soon as possible. I am rather fond of travelling myself and have been to several places around China such as Beijing, Guangzhou, and other major cities. As a travel consultant, putting up the most reasonable yet amusing itinerary encompassing sightseeing hot spots for my client is my job and pleasure at the same time.
  • Stephanie Wang Hi! This is Stephanie from ChinaTours.com. Open-minded, helpful and patient is what people describe me the most. Travelling has always been my part of life. Among all the cities I have visited around China, Xian is my favorite, for it is a city with a great blend of profound cultural background and developing modern culture. Although not as well-known as Beijing or Shanghai, Xian is still the city I wish you could visit.

    As a travel consultant, the happiest moment is to make my clients’ dream tours come true by putting my personal experience and their preference together. If you are planning a China trip, I am convinced I will make it wonderful and memorable along with you!

  • Lucia Li Hi, this is Lucia from ChinaTours.com. Optimism, confidence, extroversion and motivation are my personal labels and make me qualified for this job. I have a strong sense of responsibility and keep energetic and flexible to satisfy various demands from our clients. I am highly devoted to my job largely due to my passion in traveling. When I was young, I thought I was going to be an airline hostess so that I could fly around the world and meet all sorts of people of different races, colors and nations. My aspiration for going over the world never fades away; instead it grows day by day. Before I join this team, I have been an eager traveler and photographer. My footprint covers the most western part of China to Xinjiang and the most southern place to Hainan. Don’t hesitate to contact us so long as you have the desire to explore the magnificent scenery in China!

  • Ciscola Zhang Hi, this is Ciscola from Chinatours.com. Born in Sichuan province, the hometown of pandas, I am easy-going, quick in thought and willing to make friends. With the love and enthusiasm of traveling, I traveled many places in China during my university. That is also why I go in for this job after my graduation. Among all the cities I visited, my favorite two places are Xian and Chengdu, which are very suitable to live I think.

    Chinatours.com satisfies many foreign people's traveling requirements and also continues my love of traveling. As a travel consultant, I will do my best to help more tourists to complete their travel plans and have a wonderful trip in China!

  • Fay Gao Hi, my name is Fay Gao. Traveling has been my major hobby as far back as high school. So I consider myself rather lucky to have the opportunity to work at Chinatours.com. I particularly enjoyed communicating with my clients every day and working with my lovely colleagues here. With years of experiences, I have grown to be a professional travel consultant. Just pay a visit to our website or let us know your ideas about your holiday plan, we will create the most appropriate itinerary for you with professional suggestions.
  • Sophin Su Hello, my name is Sophin, a travel consultant with strong responsibility and plenty patience on the ChinTours.com. I very much enjoy travelling while I am not working for I get to see so many stunning sceneries along the way and keep the lifetime experiences for myself. I believe that's where the real meaning of travelling lies in. As for my job, I would love to utilize my personal experiences to assist my clients to schedule the perfect vacation around China. Just give us a phone call or email.
  • Rebacca Zhang Hi, my name is Rebecca. I come from Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, the eminent ancient city famed for the Terracotta Warriors, Mt Hua and the likes. Personally, I strongly recommend the place if you wish to discover the essence of Chinese culture. And I can assure you that our team at the ChinaTours.com will endeavor to find the most professional tour guides for you. I consider myself as easy-going and hard-working, always prepared to give a hand when my clients have any problems or enquiries.
  • Julie Zhu Hi, this is Julie from the Sales and Marketing Team of Chinatours.com. I am a person of open-minded, easy-going and optimistic character. For all these years, I love traveling myself and have been to lots of places in China. The more you travel in China, the more you will be fond of its unique culture and fabulous long history. Customs varies area to area. I consider myself must be very lucky to get this job at China Tours.com as a travel consultant.

    With this job, I can not only help our clients arrange their amazing China tours, but also experience different customs from cities to cities. If you are looking for a unique, wonderful China tour, just give us an email. It will be a great honor to me to help.

  • Nancy Xing Hi, this is Nancy from ChinaTours.com, a sincere girl who loves smile and full of passion for life. I love travelling, and I think travel makes one younger, vibrant and broad-minded. So I am very grateful to work in ChinaTours.com as this job allows me to discover more beauty of our country. China is for me like a kaleidoscope with long glorious history, charming natural scenes as well as strong modern sense. Her rich multi-ethnic cultures and friendly people also make it a great place to explore typical oriental charm. So, come and join with us to find her unique “gem”!
  • Myra Wang Hello, this is Myra from the Xian outlet of ChinaTours.com, Sales and Marketing Team. I've heard that people say that life is a journey and we are always on the road. For me, travelling is one important part of life, as it gives us chances to feel, experience and learn new stuffs, reenergize ourselves and then be more enthusiastic toward lives. My favorite place around China would be Suzhou, where you could have a little escape from the downtown hustle and bustle. I sincerely hope that I can give my clients pleasant, unforgettable China tours like the ones I had.
  • Selina Lv Hello, my name is Selina, one easygoing, optimistic character on the travel consultants' team of Chinatours.com. Travelling is without saying my all-time favorite hobby. The way I see it, China is a vast country adorned with lengthy histories and unique cultures, travelling to every city in China to experience the varying traditional customs has been the dream of mine, like many others'. I consider it as a great honor to be taken on this job, helping clients to arrange their China tour and, with them together, getting to know the varying customs in different parts of the country. Please contact me if you are looking forward to a unique, once-a-lifetime holiday in China, I will be glad to be of help.
  • May Sun Hi there! This is May from Chinatours.com. I was born in the hometown of the prominent Terra Cotta Warriors, Xian. I am very proud of the city's profound history, scores of delectable snacks and the friendly people here. I am rather keen about travelling and hiking myself and my most exciting memory about hiking would be the one I hike along the coastal line at Shenzhen. Apart from that I have been to several cities in southern China, such as Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Xiamen and more. My next destination would be eastern China, especially Suzhou and Hangzhou with the ancient water towns.
  • Devon Li Hi, This is Devon,a Travel Consultant of Chinatours.com.I have to say Travel is not only part of my job,but also my hobby.I have traveled a lot in the past few years and have been to many cities of China, such as Lhasa,Qinghai,Shanghai,Suzhou, Xiamen etc. Travel for me, is just like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. It brings me lots of joy and I'm very happy to share it with you. I'm ready to assist you in making your China trip to be a wonderful memorable experience in your life!
  • Cathy Ma Hello, this is Cathy, an extraverted and considerate travel consultant from China tours. I’m fond of travel to experience different region cultures, know different people and challenge new things, which makes my life more interesting and colorful.

    Tracing back to the school time, once I get spare time, I would go hiking with my friends to relax body and mind. After that, I feel more energetic and full of vitality, so I’m always waiting for my next trip. That was wonderful.

    Thanks to my job, I could get in touch with a lot of people who are knee to travel. So I love this job since it agrees with my interest. When you are planning a China tour, never hesitate to let me customize it for you, I’ll try my best to meet any of your need and offer you a memorable trip.